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Over The Counter Tinnitus Medicine - Fast and Effective Ways to Get Rid of Ringing Ears!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

Over The Counter Tinnitus Medicine

Need a Chronic Tinnitus Remedy? The only thing that is worse than an ear ache is dealing with constant hissing,  ringing or buzzing  in your ear. This is a very annoying ailment and finding an over the counter treatment to get rid of it is not a common thing. Tinnitus is harmless and goes unnoticed by non-sufferers,  but it is annoying to those who have it and it may last all day. It can even persist throughout the night in severe and chronic sufferers, causing symptoms of insomnia and other  major sleep disorders and discomfort. It can also be a symptom of a more serious medical condition. Over The Counter Tinnitus Medicine

Managing  the condition depends on the type and nature. The condition can manifest itself in two ways, objective or subjective tinnitus.  It is regarded as objective if the ringing or buzzing sounds can be heard by other people around the person suffering. On the other hand, it is regarded as subjective if only the sufferer or patient can hear the buzzing sound inside the ear -  the most common of them is subjective. Further,  any recommended alternative chronic tinnitus remedy employed in treating either version of this  condition,  should take place in concert with lifestyle and diet changes,  more on this later.

The types of buzzing that occur may range from high pitched to low tones. The cause of this ringing is different from person to person. This condition is usually regarded by medical professionals as a symptom of some imbalance in the body, whereas others may experience it due to trauma in the neck or head, sinus infection, exposure to loud noise or tumors in the head. The inner ear contains microscopic nerve endings and trauma to them may cause severe tinnitus.  This is regarded as the most common cause of the condition.   The nerve may also be damage due to aging and unusual exposure to loud music or noise. As with every health condition, prevention is foremost and its up to us to treat our bodies well. Preventing the condition requires that we don't subject ourselves to the elements that created the condition in the first place.

The condition  is sometimes referred to as tinnitis or tinitus and can be treated successfully. There are no special or specific natural treatment for the condition, nor are there any known  prescription medicine or over the counter medication that will cure or eliminate it. If it is due to trauma then the care will be different than if it is due exposure to loud noise or aging.   Cures to get rid of it or reducing the noise are usually natural with little or no side effects. Relief from the ringing may not me instant,  but treatment should be sought earlier rather than later.   There are many techniques, therapy, products, herbs and herbal based remedies that all claim to be natural remedies to prevent,stop, control, reduce and relieve the conditions.   Here are a few tips and natural remedies which are known to be successful in reducing the noise and providing relief. Over The Counter Tinnitus Medicine

Chronic tinnitus remedy - cures and tips to get rid of the ringing ear:

  • Refrain from total silence, try using a music player with your favorite music especially one with head phones to mask the ringing.
  • Keep your ears clean. Excess wax build up can contribute to the buzzing in the ears. It is advised that you clean your ear canal once a week.
  • Stay away from loud noises. Exposure to loud sounds can really affect your hearing.
  • Use ear plugs as a relief from the ringing.
  • Sufferers should avoid, diary products, alcohol, foods high in saturated fat,  high sugar, and high salt.  All these items create the environment for the condition to thrive.

Natural Treatments and Supplements used to treat and prevent.
  • Wild Oats
  • Gingko Biloba - when applied directly, it is a potent chronic tinnitus remedy.
  • Wild hyssop
  • Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin A  and choline.

These nutrients help to improve nerve and neurotransmitter functions. They improve blood circulation to the head thereby relieving the ringing. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can also provide a good source of minerals and essential vitamins that your body needs. Taking extra supplements such as a multi vitamin, omega 3 fatty acids and drinking chamomile tea can be instrumental in  relieving the symptoms.

Most of the information available for this aliment highlights different lifestyle changes that must be made. In view of this,  consistency with lifestyle changes coupled with a few natural and homeopathic treatments will enable you to get rid of this buzzing much faster.  All said, the best chronic tinnitus remedy is to take care of yourself and not subject yourself to loud music or noises. Over The Counter Tinnitus Medicine

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