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Outdoor Banners Convey a Bold Message to a lot of People

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Reaching a lot of people with your promotional message typically costs a lot of money. And after spending all the money you might find that the message did not quite click. Now consider outdoor banners.

Outdoor banners are cheap and you can use a few words to convey a bold message that will attract your particular target group. Hang it where members of that group congregate or pass by. Even if they are speeding in a car as they pass by, the few bold words, done in excellent color against a sharply contrasting background, will be seen and understood by them. And if the words convey the right message, their interest will be aroused.

Where and when can you use Outdoor Banners?

Outdoor banners are appropriate wherever you want to get a message to a lot of people. They are ideal for such occasions as conferences, festivities, parties, functions and sporting venues, in addition to the most common use at promotional events. They are also ideal to promote special sales in retail establishments. Hang a bold red banner in front of your establishment, and one or two inside the store.

People passing by your store might stop and step in. Regular customers will see the banner inside and might decide to buy the specials.

How do you Design an Outdoor Banner?

Eye-catching and contrasting colors are one of the prime requisites, in addition to restricting the number of words. Unlike a press or brochure ad, you don't have all the time to get your message across to the banner reader, who might be passing by in a vehicle.

Select those few words extremely carefully, narrowing down to the most important message that will stop the reader in his or her tracks.

Print those few words in bright colors on durable material, which is dyed in a sharply contrasting color. Red banners tend to attract excellent attention; use yellow letters to print your few words on the red banner, for example.

Banner material is typically cloth or vinyl. Width and height must accommodate large format ads that are visible from quite a distance. Tie ropes are best sewn through hem pockets across the entire length of the top and bottom edges of the banner, keeping the banner straighter even in windy conditions. The rope ends must protrude sufficient lengths from all four corners.

Vinyl banners are very lightweight, can be printed upon digitally in all colors and be used in wet environs. Cloth banners can be dyed in natural colors, can be washed or ironed to remove the creases of storage, and can even be more effective as they stand out among all the synthetics.

Outdoor banners make for an inexpensive publicity campaign in the right context. They can reach a lot of people with little expenditure.

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