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Other Types Of Arthritis

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

The less common forms of arthritis conditions include ankylosing sodalities, lupus, psoriatic arthritis, infectious arthritis, septic arthritis and many more. There are also a number of rheumatic syndromes associated with HIV infection. In some inflammatory forms of arthritis, the rheumatoid antibody, the marker for rheumatoid arthritis is not found in the blood serum. These forms are known collectively as exonerative arthritis, and include sodalities, Reiter's disease and colitis arthritis, in which arthritis follows an infection. Sodality, which affects one person in a thousand, is a painful, progressive disease of the vertebrae of the spine.

As a result of the inflammation, scar tissue forms in the space between the vertebrae, making the joints stiff. This tissue may turn to bone so that when the inflammation dies down, it leaves bony deposits on the rims of the vertebrae. Bone grows from the ides of the affected vertebrae and may fuse together. If this arthritis is untreated, it can cause severe deformity of the spine with the sufferer bent forward, hardly able to look up. Sodalities affect many more men than women. Young men may develop the disease between ages of 17 and 27, typically in their early twenties. There is a strong genetic factor linked to a tissues type called HLA 827. However, not all those who carry the gene develop the full blown disease.

Enclosing sodalities starts with persistent back pain and early morning stiffness that tends to become less with movement during the day. Symptoms may also include chronic fatigue and weight loss. There may be pain in the chest and ribs, making it difficult to breathe. Pain in the buttocks and the backs of the thighs, swollen ankles and tender heel bones may result. The condition should be treated promptly, to avoid locking of the spine. Blood tests and x-rays are used to make a definitive diagnosis. A relatively rare complication is iritic or unities, characterized by red, painful eyes. Go to hospital without delay if this happens to prevent permanent damage.

There is no cure for ankylosing spondylitis, although you can slow the condition's advance by keeping mobile, and gain relief from pain through the application of heat. Hot baths, hot water bottles or an electric blanket, together with a firm bed, will prove helpful. Regular exercise, as advised by a physiotherapist, is important, so that even if fusion of the vertebrae takes place, the back fuses straight, rather than curved. When you are working at a desk, change your position frequently so that you are not holding your spine in one fixed position for long periods.

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