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Organize My House - 3 Ways To Organize Your Room

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

There are different ways of organizing the rooms in your home. How you want to accomplish this task is dependent on how much time you want to use and how much effort you are willing to put to this task. This article lists three ways to organize your room and describes also their benefits and downsides as well.

Everything at once

Clearly the most time consuming, yet most productive way is to do everything at once. Time isn't a concern and you are willing to work hours to get the job done. The downside of this is naturally the time it takes. This of course varies depending of the room, but I have realized that whenever I start working even on smaller sections of the room, there seems to be so much more to organizing than I thought there was in the beginning. Also, because of this, I have found out that sometimes a certain amount of time I thought it would take me to accomplish this task is not enough and I have to work even more. The benefit of working like this is also the sense of accomplishment. Once you have finished with this task, you are happy and reliefed that you have finally completed it and can move on to other tasks.

Step by step

My favorite way of working is step by step, meaning that I dedicate a chunk of time to a certain part of the room, like a closet. This way I don't find the task too overwhelming and can proceed in small steps to the final goal. Also, I have time for other tasks as well and I don't have to spend all day on this task only. The downside of this is, that the sense of accomplishment may not be that big than when organizing the whole room at once. You may be disappointed over the fact that you have to keep on going for some time in order to finally finish the task.

Work on certain area at a time

This is a similar way of working like in step by step, but you may choose a certain area, for example in your closet, to work on. For example I have been working with my sports equipment in my master closet this way. Like working in step by step, you don't overwhelm yourself with the task. You have time for other activities as well. The downside is the sense of accomplishment, which may be even smaller than when working step by step. This is because split the task even to smaller pieces than when working with the whole closet at once.

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