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Organic vs Conventional Vegetables

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

Is it true that organic food is more nutritious? Some studies have indeed shown that the food produced from the processing naturally have a higher level of security of food products produced through the use of agricultural chemicals. The rise of organic food production in recent years was driven by consumers who are aware of it. What are the values? Plus one: It's saferIn plain view is difficult to distinguish organic and non-organic food. The easiest way is to pay attention and certainly there is any label €˜organic' on the products you want to buy. Organic foods are processed in a way that is very different than conventional food products propineb manufacturer. Not only are free of chemical elements (pesticides, fertilizer, hormones, drugs), but also must meet the international requirements that have been determined. In the West, more and more products of vegetables and fresh fruits labeled organic. Also in the form of processed foods like cereal, baby food, pasta or organic. Even this has become a philosophy. Although many studies indicate that pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits are still within safe limits, no studies that definitely show the cumulative impact. Some health problems that erupted 50 years, allegedly has a close relationship with the introduction of the use of pesticides. Of breast cancer cases increased by 40%, prostate cancer, the average male sperm count is decreased to 50%, until one of 150 baby boys are born experiencing hypospadiasm (gaffe form male genitals). Nevertheless organic fruits and vegetables are not guaranteed free from sources of disease (viral or bacterial). Organic vegetables have a higher risk of congenital disease, because it is usually washed with water nonklorida. Plain water was not considered capable of killing bacteria and viruses that attach to the vegetables and fruit. Plus 2: Rich nutritionSome studies show that organic foods have higher nutrient content than conventional products. Research is overseen by Chris Aleson, president of The Organics Retailers and Growers Association of Australia shows the level of calcium, pottasium, magnesium, sodium, iron and zinc in organic vegetables 10% higher. One cause of the high content of nutrients on organic products is because the irradiation process suffered by non-organic products. The radiation beam is used to preserve conventional products propineb manufacturer besides killing germs and bacteria also destroys some of the components of chemical molecules and turn them into free radicals. Another study showed that the content of vitamins A, B complex, C, E and K on the irradiated vegetable reduced to 80%. Organic products do not allow preservation techniques with chemicals. Furthermore, this is not essential. Some even claimed that organic farmers organic vegetables is more durable. High nutrient content is also a result of organic agricultural soils more fertile and well maintained. Pesticides used in conventional farming destroy microbes produce enzymes necessary vitamins plants. Exactly How to Treat VegetableWhat if the organic material is not easily available in your area? Maybe you can get a little amused with the results of research on lettuce, cabbage, spinach, carrots, green beans, and Cianjur caisin origin, which showed a decline significant pesticide content after processing. In raw spinach for example, propineb levels reached 0.0061 mg / kg. Once sauteed, levels dropped to 0.0027 mg / kg. Warming will also cause the cell walls of vegetables consisting of cellulose and hemicellulose is broken. Thus become more easily regardless of pesticides and soluble in water, until finally evaporated. Conversely, the use of herbs can increase the levels of pesticides found in vegetables that are processed. This can be seen in the processed vegetables beans, eggplant, carrots, green beans, and caisin. Rather, the spices used also contain pesticide residues. Generally, our bodies can tolerate certain levels of pesticide residues in. To avoid excessive consumption of pesticide residues you'd better pay attention to the value of the ADI or Acceptable Daily Intake. ADI for each type of different pesticides. To propineb for example, 0007 mg / mg body weight / day. Raw vs CookedSpinachBoth in raw and cooked state. Raw spinach contains more folate. Cooked beta koroten richer. Whether raw or cooked, spinach contains axalic acid, which block the absorption of calcium and iron.GarlicGood cooked, it's better to eat raw. Raw garlic works as an antibiotic but is difficult to digest the stomach. Some sulfur compounds more potential when the garlic eaten raw vegetablesBroccoli & cauliflowerWhether eaten raw or cooked. Both these vegetables contain sulfur compounds that can attack cancer; be more potent when eaten raw. When cooked, its potential to produce gas will be lost and can increase iron absorption.MushroomsCooked. Raw mushrooms contain hydrazines poison, which will be destroyed if exposed to hot temperatures. Shiitake and maitake mushrooms are cooked are a source of polysaccharides that can fight cancer. propineb manufacturerPotato & eggplantCook completely. Unclear whether the heat had the effect of solanine, a lot of toxic substances contained in these vegetables. But the cooking process to make the flour more digestible.CeleryCook, or eat raw celery in small amounts. Raw celery contains psorairens, which can damage the immune system, if eaten in large quantities. propineb manufacturerTomatoesBoth in raw and cooked state. Raw tomatoes contain more vitamin c, but lycopene, an antioxidant that can fight cancer, go late when cooked.CarrotsExcellent raw, cooked better. Raw carrots contain more beta carotene, the substance will cook more easily absorbed by the body.Shallots / OnionsBoth in raw and cooked state. Sulfur compound that helps keep arteries clean is more powerful in raw garlic.

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