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Order Hypnosis Scripts From Us!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 98   |   Comments: 0

For a choice of over 60 different Hypnotherapy scripts and downloadable MP3s please visit the People Building website. Here you will find collection of scripts ranging from inductions, deepeners, quit smoking scripts, weight loss scripts and metaphors.

I have spent years creating and refining the scripts listed on this page and have used these as the basis of inspiration for the People Building E-books. One such e-book gives a step by step introduction to how you can write your own Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis scripts. There is information about all of the linguistic and hypnotic language patterns and how to embed these into the scripts you write by using nested loops, metaphors and hidden commands for positive suggestions. There are also easy to understand examples with each technique and a tasking box to prompt you to use the skills you have learned.

In addition to this e-book is a collection of all of the Hypnosis scripts I have ever written, also published as a downloadable e-book. Or you can buy any of these scripts individually on the Hypnosis scripts page.

The real benefits to this method of increasing your collection of hypnosis scripts is that you can take a look at the quality of our scripts by first downloading our free hypnosis scripts. All of our scripts are in a PDF format, which means that there is instant access to them and that they are then easy to save, read and print from your computer. You can then pick and choose from the ever increasing collection so that you only pay for what you actually do want.

The reason why the collection continues to increase is simply because on a weekly basis we have other therapists contacting us, asking for advice, or scripts that focus on a particular area of improvement or development.

When we receive a request, it is acted upon almost immediately. A qualified Hypnotherapist will begin working to creating a script to deal with the problem that has been detailed to us and as soon as the script is written, the customer will be informed and the script will be published on the website so that others can also get access to it.

We also include other people's work on our website, if they have a Clickbank account, and if we think it is fitting with the general theme of our website. For example, some of our affiliates include those who are selling e-books about improving confidence, or diabetes, or creating better relationships. When we sell their work, we receive a percentage of their sale. There is also the option for others to sell our hypnosis scripts and e-books- which despite being cheap, sell in quantity, earning our affiliates 40% commission on all of our products. So if you have a website and also have an interest in personal development, you may like to set up a Clickbank account and sell our products too. And because we want you to be successful at selling your products (and ours too) we even publish a free e-book on our website that advises you on how to be a successful Clickbank affiliate.

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