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Online Classified Ads: The Swiss Knife of Online Advertising

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

The advent of the Internet brought with it the invention of online classified ads. Believed to be the height of advertising and marketing, but the kiss of death for newspapers and other advertising venues. It turned out both beliefs were untrue and basically over hyped. Over time, it was learned that online classified ads used in conjunction with other forms of already established media actually made each other stronger. Then the use of online classified ads blossomed again and took on a whole new avenue for the internet marketer. Many not only added classified ads to their pages, entire sites popped up specifically for displaying online classified ads.

At first, people loved being able to not only advertise their goods and wares but they enjoyed just browsing and surfing other ads. It was a virtual flea market of goodies; city to city, coast to coast, and even country to country. Free online advertising made it possible to sell anything anywhere and with little or no risk. Besides being able to advertise a vast amount of merchandise coast to coast and the ability to find specialty items anywhere in the world, online classified ads also allowed a new venue of marketing for the masses. Those who sold products could use online ads to marketing their products without having to have a website.

The internet opened up a world of marketing for those in the start-up stage of business who could not or did not want to finance a website at the time. Online classified ads could be placed on any number of reliable sites, in the marketer's own city or abroad. Placing ads abroad meant a business could widen its customer base at little or no cost to the business, leaving cash flow to put towards other parts of the venture. Ads could be as long or as short as necessary and could be placed in many different areas as many times as needed. As the majority of online sites offered this service for free, it became an indispensable form of advertising and marketing; akin to having a 24 hour coast to coast store front.

At first, many newspapers merely offered simple advertising options; but by following the trend of sites dedicated to online classified ads, newspapers realized being allowed to add banners or pictures only further increased the value of online advertising. Newspapers found they had better advertising success when sections such as real estate and car sales were allowed to add pictures. Customers too found adding a picture instead of having just a mere description attracted more viewers to their ads. More viewers meant more offers, which meant getting that house or car sold faster. Suddenly, spending for online advertising began to be a larger part of newspaper budgets every where.

Many sites that offer online classified ads have also seen the benefit of adding other options such as chat and forums for their customers. A number of people who may go online looking for a certain item are more than likely to click on a few ads that catch their interest. They may also be willing to stick around and pop in for a discussion and see what the general public has to say about things. It has been found that sites that offer online classified ads have the opportunity and ability to become community centers and venues for communication. A person can go in looking to find a bargain basement on wicker furniture or a vitamin health regimen and come out with a whole lot more.

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