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One Simple Approach to Stop Sweating

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 85   |   Comments: 0

How to stop sweating, should not be included in the conversation of a 16 year old. At sixteen they should be planning for their senior prom, excitingly applying for their third option for a college, or texting a BFF (best friend) inquiring about the pool party on Saturday night.

All to often, this is not the case for thousands of teenagers. It is sad to say that the only pool that they are concerned with is the pitting that is pouring from their underarms,face, feet, or hands. How to stop sweating is higher on their radar then any of the above mentioned scenario. More and more I am hearing horror stories about how excessive sweating is ruining the lives of innocent pre-teens -up- to- ambitious thirty something year olds.

One may wonder, is hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) becoming more prevalent or is it that a higher percent of the population is coming forth about what used to be an awkward conversation. The hyperhidrosis topic used to be painfully embarrassing because the victims were afraid of being ridiculed. Some victims have even revealed that some doctors actually did not see their condition as a serious medical concern. And to make matters even worse, these same victims were being frowned upon for seeming to have neglected their daily personal hygienic obligations. Which in 99.9 percent of the case was not the contributing factor.

So what do you do to control excessive sweating; to take back the life that hyperhdrosis is slowly trying to steal? There are a few treatments that sufferers use to stop sweating, however before taking the plunge into the land OOPS! Lets start off slow and easy.

Below we will discuss what is considered to be the first step to reduce or eliminate your excessive sweating problem. Yes, surgery is always an option, but before going under the knife; uncover what thousands of others before you have tried and has worked marvelously.

Treatment of Hyperhidrosis

Without doubt, the very first treatment of hyperhidrosis is usually an over-the-counter antiperspirant. These are not just your everyday antiperspirants that you have been using or the ones that your parents used, these are clinical strength antiperspirants that you do not need a prescription for purchase.

Although I do have to add a note... most people when they hear the word clinical strength antiperspirant, one ingredient or controversy comes to mind. One of the main ingredients in many antiperspirants is aluminum chloride. Aluminum chloride has been accused of being responsible for increasing the percentage of beast cancer in women. However, recent research has shown no connection between aluminum chloride and breast cancer in women.

Proper Treatment Usage

Although we have been using deodorants and antiperspirants all of our lives (some longer than others) part of the strategy to stop excessive sweating is in the application. I know how strange this may sound but it is true. Normally, we apply our personal hygiene products in the morning after showering. However, according to the medical professionals, the best technique to aid tostop underarm sweating, is to apply your antiperspirant at bedtime.

If you are like most people this seems kind of strange, but what is even more strange is that if once at night does not do the trick, you may want to use an absorbent power (such as baking soda) in the morning to give you added protection and confidence. but first wash off the antiperspirant to avoid irritation

How do antiperspirants work

Most people especially in the Western Hemisphere use antiperspirants or deodorants everyday and never knew how they really work. Although the process seems pretty straight-forward, I will keep a simple process simple. Antiperspirant stop sweat by blocking or plugging up sweat ducts. Naturally if something is clogging up something... it won't allow drainage. Like a partially clogged drain, the water will seep out slowly. It is the same process when using antiperspirants to stop underarm sweat.

There you have it, antiperspirants are the first defense again how to stop sweating or underarm sweat. If your degree of sweating is excessive, uncontrollable, and socially stigmatizing and has often caused you great emotional distress and occupational turmoil, be sure to first give the suggestion above a try before moving on to more severe treatments.

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