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Nuvaring Blood Clots Have Generated Interest in a Class Action Lawsuit

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

With the number of anecdotal reports from women who claim to have suffered from NuvaRing blood clots on the increase, attorneys and lawyers are investigating the possibility of starting a NuvaRing class action suit against the manufacturers of the drug. The Nuva Ring side effects lawsuit would be open to anyone who had taken the drug and who had exposed themselves unknowingly to this severe health risk.

Although the number of women with stories about NuvaRing blood clots and similar dangerous side effects seems to be swelling in record numbers, the movement towards a Nuva Ring side effects lawsuit has not been as fast. Part of the problem is that some women may not understand the benefits of becoming involved in the NuvaRing class action proceedings.

The NuvaRing side effects lawsuit would be a class action case. That means a large number of people would all be represented by the same attorneys and lawyers in a single hearing on the case regardless of their location in the United States. No one is required to appear in court, although some people who have had serious near-death experiences with NuvaRing blood clots may be willing to share their stories with the court.

Choosing this type of Nuva Ring side effects lawsuit has many advantages for the women and their families who have been affected by this problem. For one, many women would have a hard time bringing the case to court. Not only would they have to butt heads with the experienced legal team of a major international pharmaceutical company but they may have a hard time gathering the medical evidence needed to prove the problems of the NuvaRing blood clots. With the NuvaRing class action, however, all of this is handled by the legal team.

Another benefit of being involved in the Nuva Ring side effects lawsuit is that none of the women included in the case will be required to pay for any legal fees upfront. Any fees are deducted from the winnings of the case. For many people, the costs of hiring attorneys and lawyers to handle the case would make pursuing litigation cost prohibitive.

People who have experienced NuvaRing blood clots or other serious complications may be the most interested in becoming involved in the Nuva Ring side effects lawsuit which will also succeed in getting media attention for a growing problem that has been, so far, largely ignored by the press and the medical community.

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