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Not making any money from your affiliate marketing efforts? You may be making some small but crucial mistakes

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0
  • As an internet marketer, you have to start somewhere. For inexperienced internet marketers, the best place to begin may be with affiliate products. Rather than coming up with your own product, why not start by selling a product that is ready to sell and comes from an expert who already has experience in this endeavour? You can save a lot of time, money, agony, and be making money in the process too. In fact awesome money! Many of the top Internet marketers today also sell affiliate products, even though they create a killing off of their own products. And why is that you may ask? Because it's still fantastic money and little effort is needed. But with that said, it's important to note that affiliate marketing isnt just a walk in the park. If you are interested in making money from affiliate marketing, do yourself a favor: understand what I say and avoid these mistakes. I will go over the top 7 mistakes:

    Pitfall #1: Choosing a Not so Good Product to Use

    Products are not created equal. Just because there is a product to sell as an affiliate, doesnt necesarily mean it is a good product. And the reason for this is anybody can create a product to sell, but not everyone who creates a product is knowledgeable at what their creating. Instead of basing your decision to promote a product that simply pays out high commissions, there are other things to consider. If a lot of people are buying the product thats a really good indicator. Also popularity of the item, Is there a market ready to buy that product? Is the product you want to sell better than the other products for sale within that niche? And so on. But dont get down on this point though, numerous resources are available to help you with these questions.

    Pitfall #2: Deciding on a Low Converter

    As an affiliate marketer, your intent is to profit from the hard work someone else has done; and from the resources they have spent on copywriters, product developers, and software. If you select a product produced by someone that doesnt capitalize on these advantages, you are likely to benefit less. So do yourself a favor from the outset and choose your products carefully.

    Pitfall #3: Promoting Snake Oil for a Snake Oil Salesman

    This mistake is easy enough to avoid. Dont choose products that make rediculous or fallacious claims. As Carl Sagan once said "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." In most cases, these snake oil peddlers cant show you any extraordinary evidence, but they do make the claims. Avoid promoting them and becoming associated with them.

    Pitfall #4: Picking Products that Offer Meager Commissions

    There are only so many hours in a day, so select the products you promote wisely. If you promote something that only generates a 25% commission for you, then your leaving a lot on the table. In reality, you could probably find a similar product that offers a 50% or 75% commission if you look hard enough.

    Pitfall #5: Failing to Capture Leads

    Always, always, always capture leads. Rather than getting traffic through pay per click, search engine optimization, and other methods and then sending those people to your affiliate link, you should make an effort to convert them into list members first. Why? Because if you have a big list of potential leads you can keep selling them more products in the future. After all, these are targeted leads that were looking for a specific product, and instead of converting at a normal rate of around 1-3% in affiliate sales, instead you will convert between 15 and 40% of visitors on your mailing list.

    Pitfall #6: Ignoring the Critical Importance of Timeliness

    In business in general, the quick often out compete those endowed with better resources. How does this apply to you? Successful affiliate product promotion requires you to do more than simply slap an affiliate link in an email and send it out to a couple thousand people. If your email is relevant to something that is all the rage at that time, you are far more likely to draw interest than if you send a link to an Internet marketing ebook that was written in 1998 and wasn't particularly popular then, as an example.

    Pitfall #7: Dont pay attention To Important Numbers

    Many marketers fail to take into account the small details needed in order to run a business and ensure you are in profit. For instance, many affiliate marketers will completely ignore the portion Clickbank extracts from each sale. Instead, they'll simply look at the price and the commission. Additionally, many will ignore rate of conversion, the amount of time they put into selling, realistic estimates of how much advertising efforts will cost, etc. They'll glaze over all of these essential details and devote most of their time to thinking about the money they will rake in. Affiliate marketing doesn't work like that.


    Use the information contained in this article to avoid the most common mistakes. Learn from others who have established techniques that are proven ways to generate income. Sometimes its the little things that can make a huge difference. 

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