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Not Enough Exercise Will Stifle Every Area Of Your Life

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 30   |   Comments: 0
Simple fact - if you are over 30 and do not have a muscle strengthening exercise program in place you can not possibly have a high quality of life and in fact could well be on a path that could eventually cause a shortening of your life.

It is easy to let your own health and fitness take a back seat to working and raising a family. The problem is though, when you de-prioritize your need for exercise as you get older the negative impact reaches far further than what you ever imagined.

Indeed, not enough proper exercise can limit and stifle nearly every part of your life...

? Your metabolism (your body's engine) will slow: After our mid 20's we slowly but surely begin to lose muscle tissue from our body at the rate of one half pound per year. And, since muscle tissue is highly active tissue (it burns the most calories), every pound of muscle tissue lost lowers your metabolism and increases the likelihood of you becoming overweight. Strength training exercise is the only way to stop this. You can even rebuild lost muscle tissue and reactivate your metabolic engine.

? Inactivity increases risk of disease: A lifestyle lived without enough proper exercise is now considered at dangerous a health risk as smoking. The less you exercise the more likely you are to end up with a chronic 'lifestyle disease' such as heart disease, cancer or diabetes or at least 50 others and die younger.

Proper exercise is one of the most important, and profound, actions you can take to improve or maintain your health. You simply cannot achieve high-level wellness without it. Many people say they are not motivated enough to exercise. But why do you feel you need to be motivated to keep yourself healthy and well? Isn't that enough?

You can choose to take an hour out of your day two or three times each week or you can face the prospect of being dead 24 hours a day. It is your choice.

To help get you into the exercise mindset it is important that you do not focus on how much time it takes or how hard it is. This may cause you to lose any motivation you may have before you even get started. The trick is to condition your way of thinking to view exercise in a positive light and focus on the multitude of health benefits including how great you will feel after each session.

There must be goals you would like to achieve, lose a few pounds, firm up a few soft mushy areas, create more energy or feel and look more youthful. Your strength training program is essential to achieve these things. You need strength. You need it for your bone density, you need it to control your insulin levels, you need it for hormonal balance and you need it so your metabolism doesn't slow down like an aging old engine.

To help avoid falling into the 'lack of time' trap, you need to arrange your weekly schedule around your 2 or 3 exercise sessions (You don't need any more if it is proper strength training exercise). Plan it into your day the same way you would an important meeting and consider it non-negotiable, like work, mealtimes and sleep.

When you begin to view your exercise sessions as a essential element to maintain your health, rather than a luxury, it becomes easier make the time for it during even the busiest days. Once you get organized and going you will wonder why you didn't get going years (or decades) ago. Proper exercise makes every single aspect of your life better and is well worth every second spent doing it.

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