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North Carolina State Wolfpack College Football Tickets and Seating Chart

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0
The North Carolina State Wolfpack college football team came out of the gate this season with the best of intentions but took home a loss 3-7 against South Carolina. Just a little more than a week later, however, the Wolfpack came back with a vengeance and took down Murray State 65-7. The Wolfpack didn't stop there, however and took home another win against Gardner Webb with a win 45-14 on September 19.

It appeared the momentum was up and running and the Wolfpack took Pittsburgh to the line and defeated them 38-31 on September 26. With this kind of playing, there's no question that the Wolfpack stands a good chance of taking their team to the championship this season. Although Wake Forest took home a win on October 3, there's still plenty of steam and howling left in the Wolfpack for the remainder of the season.

Upcoming games for the North Carolina State Wolfpack include the Duke Blue Devils, Maryland Terrapins, Clemson Tigers and North Carolina Tar Heels on October 10, November 7, 14 and 28 respectively.

Here's a player by number listing of this season's wolfpack: Rashard Smith (2), Curtis Underwood, Jr. (3), Javon Walker (4), Jarvis Williams (5), T.J. Graham (6), Sterling Lucas (7), Mike Glennon (8), Brandon Barnes (9), Donald Coleman (10), Morgan Alexander (11), Audi Augustin (11), Jordon Monk (12), Everett Proctor (12), Jack Diaz-Cobo (13), Owen Spencer (13), Jarvis Byrd (14), Daniel Imhoff (14), Darrell Davis (15), Russell Wilson (16), Clem Johnson (19), Ross Snotherly (19), Tevin Humphrey (20), C.J. Wilson (20), DeAndre Morgan (21), Marty Stoner (21), Toney Baker (22), Robert Bell (24), James Washington (24), Carl Ojala (25), Jesse Riley (25, Asante Cureton (26), Dean Haynes (26), Earl Wolff (27), Justin Byers (28), Jamelle Eugene (29), Zach Powell (29), Brandan Bishop (30), Bobby Floyd (31), Zach Gentry (32), Chris Ward (32), Koyal George (33), Rickey Dowdy (34), Paul Horst (34), Terrell Manning (35), Josh Czajkowski (36), Evan Dooley (36), Donovan Counts (37), Jeff Ruiz (38), Ulysses Tuft, Jr. (38), Gary Grant (39), Dwayne Maddox (41), Audie Cole (42), Ryan Cheek (43), Ray Michel (44), Grant Pearce 945), Hans Rice II (45), Harrison Ritcher (46), Patrick Apple (47), Taylor Gentry (47), Colby Jackson (48), Alan-Michael Cash (49), Jeraill McCuller (50), Cameron Ray (52), J.R. Sweezy (52), Josh Milinichik (53), Camden Wentz (53), Henry Lawson (54), Henry Lawson (54), Brian Slay (55), Mark Walker (55), Nate Irvin (56), Michael Maurer (57), Ted Larsen (58), Corey Dedder (59), Keegan Ray (61), Duran Christophe (62), Andrew Wallace (64), Tyler Kloc (65), Sam Jones (66), Wayne Crawford (67), Denzelle Good (68), Jake Vermiglio (70), Gary Gregory (71), Zach Allen (72), Julian Williams (73), Andy Barbee (74), Zach Miller (75), Matt McKeon (78), R.J. Mattes (79), Donald Bowens (80), Asa Watson (82), Anthony Talbert (83), George Bryan (84), Steven Howard (85), Jay Smith (86), Mario Carter (87), Quintin Payton (88), Matt Kushner (89), Natanu Mageo 990), Markus Kuhn (91), Darryl Cato-Bishop (92), Michael Schmidtke (93), Grey Berry (94), Michael Lemon (94), Leroy Burgess (95), Sylvester Crawford (96), Willie Young (97), Shea McKeen (98) and Jeff Rieskamp (99).

Carter Finley Stadium is located at 46000 Trinity Road in Raleigh, North Carolina and is the home location for all football games played by the North Carolina State Wolfpack. This modernized facility offers seating options to meet every need. There are designated areas for students, faculty, annual season ticketholders, visitors, former athletes and barrier free seating for those who require it. The oval shape creates an excellent panoramic feel with clear view of the video scoreboard. The level descriptions give indication to where you can place your spirit when choosing seating. There's the passion level that puts you in the heart of things. The courage level flanks the aforementioned on the sides and behind. The confidence level surrounding the two previous levels and to the rear. The strength level and spirit level following the same pattern with visitor seating just beyond.

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