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No Nonsense Muscle Building Review - When Common Sense Wins Over Nonsense

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

No Nonsense Muscle Building is a natural bodybuilding program to gain muscle mass. It has been created by Vince DelMonte for people of all body types and shapes with particular attention to skinny people or ectomorphs. Having himself been a former under weight long distance runner, Vince initially thought it impossible to gain lean mass while following the typical training routines based on high volume, high frequency workout programs.

That is until he decided that enough was enough and decided to go his own way. He developed a simple yet effective system that helped him build 41 lbs of muscle in 6 months and win national fitness competitions. Due to its stance against the misleading muscle magazine and supplement industry cartels, he aptly called his muscle building program No Nonsense to underline its departure from the common disinformation supplied by mainstream bodybuilding magazines. Their plethora of high volume workouts is the root cause of the failures of most trainees and he clearly says so in his program with a chapter referring to the 20 most common mistakes made in the gyms.

No Nonsense Muscle Building is a 201 page eBook, highly detailed not just in terms of workouts, but also periodization, rest, frequency and meal planning. It offers clear yet easy to follow instructions to simple yet time efficient and very effective workouts that can take no more than 3 hours a week to complete, to the relief of frustrated trainees going through the motions with no muscle gain to show for. It is possible and desirable to achieve these results without artificial or dangerous aids such as useless supplements or even steroids. Only few selected natural supplements are listed.

In fact, some of his ideas give the nod to pioneer bodybuilding programs such as Charles Atlas' or Eugene Sandow's, an era when no steroids or fancy equipments were available, but take those basic principles to a higher and more detailed level. The whole program lasts 52 weeks and is inclusive of many extra bonuses such as a 29 week beginner/intermediate program, the same he used to build 41 lbs in 6 months, and a 29 week advanced program. By following its guidelines it is possible to break through deadlocks and unleash muscle growth naturally and effectively.

Muscle gains are always thwarted by over training caused by marathon gym routines repeated too frequently as in the muscle magazines, confining skinny guys or alleged "hard gainers" to a life of frustration. Only short and intense workouts of few exercises each repeated infrequently can possibly work for average people, let alone skinny ones. No Nonsense Muscle Building takes the reader by hand through 9 muscle building principles, explaining how to stimulate naturally muscle growth and hormonal production, letting body physiology take care of mass building and consigning magazines, misinformation, supplements and drugs to the garbage bin.

Just like in the old times, no expensive equipment is necessary to achieve muscle gains. Even gym attendance is just an option as the same principles can be applied at home with basic tools or body weight workouts. Considering the hectic life we all lead today, a time efficient muscle building program is the icing on a fit physique cake. Additionally, while No Nonsense is geared towards muscle building, it is also useful for fat loss and weight control with detailed meal and meal time plans. Therefore, it is geared toward naturally building a fitness champion physique, not a huge, bulky one assisted by drugs. Diet is carefully taken into account as a paramount factor along with exercises to achieve best results.

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