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No More Naked Brochures

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Are your cheap brochures looking a bit naked? Are your designs for brochure printing dull and uninteresting? Well, in most cases, when these problems strikes, it usually means that you are getting uninspired design vibes for brochure printing. You are basically not dressing up your cheap brochures in the best possible way, leaving them virtually naked.

To avoid any kind of naked brochures being developed in the future, here are a few tips on how to dress your tired old brochures and not leave them naked.

       Add a dominant color - Color is of course one of the best ways to cover up something but still gain attention. If you have been printing all white brochures all this time, then it is time to stop. While white is a pretty safe choice that matches a lot of designs, it also can leave your brochures simple and boring looking. If you do not dress it up once and a while it will go on being boring and eventually people will not look at it. So get your brochures the attention they need and add a dominant color. Red, Yellow or Orange brochures are great at conveying energy while Blue, Green and Purple ones are best at giving some peace, serenity and calmness. Which color brochure dress speaks to you?

       Put on some €œcoats - Next, you should really put on coats to your brochures. More specifically, your brochure paper stock should have special chemical coatings to make it look better. Printing companies usually offer some sort of UV coating protection or aqueous coating to improve the brochure's paper stock. These chemicals can add light and moisture resistance to brochures making them more durable. Also, some of these coats can make the brochure glossy and shine.

       Add a little texture - Texture is also a great way to dress up your brochures. You can put in some embossed letters or shapes into the brochure to make it look interesting. Also, you can change the brochure's paper material to something silky smooth or interestingly rough. Texture gives the brochure the ability to engage people's sense of touch making the brochure more memorable.

       Use a custom envelope - Finally, your final dress up for brochures are custom envelopes. If you have a little extra money, you can have custom envelopes printed along with brochures. With this, you can mail your brochures in its own style. Your custom envelopes can be a great prelude to people echoing some mystery as well as authority before people really get that impact from the brochures.

So that is how you dress up your brochures to make them look better and interesting. Why not try these techniques out?

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