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Niche Blueprint Guidance - There is No Substitute for Experience

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

Hardly a day seems to pass by without one launch of an Internet Marketing Product or another and the latest it seems to hit our in tray is Niche Blueprint brought to us by a team comprising of Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton. This is the team that also brought to Commission Blueprint amongst others and really seem to have hit the spot once again.

As with all €œInfo Products you will be €œassaulted in a cyber fashion by all an sundry to buy via this link or that qualifying for a wide array of bonuses and in this case it is well worth checking out the credentials of those pitching the deal at you.

There is a saying that €œThose that can, do and those that can', teach and in this business it is €œbang on the nail so to speak so you would be well worth checking out the credentials of the person you are buying from to make sure that they can indeed €œwalk the walk and not just €œshooting you the talk.

One such individual is Steve Tan whose recent eCommerce projects have included projects where he has taken sites from zero to turning over more than $100,000 in sales in little over 2 months. Not too bad I'll think you will admit and therefore someone worth listening too as someone with experience at the sharp end of the eCommerce world.

Of course at the end of the day as with all projects of this nature you have to decide who you make your deal with and what the bonus is worth but consider this. Don't make the mistake that is all too often made by more people that you would imagine and find yourself seduced by what appears on the surface to be a fairly massive bonus but on later inspection actually turns out to be piece of rubbish.

All too often it is easy to buy from a link when promised total back up and €œone on one counselling and support €œfrom the Guru themselves only too find that in a lot of cases they don't bother to follow up at all (there is anecdotal evidence of this crime being committed by some of the best known marketing gurus on the Internet) or at best your follow up is from a €œconsultant trained by the great person themselves (yeah right and I also believe in €œthe Tooth Fairy) who in a lot of cases actually turns out to have less experience than you if any at all.

So to sum up, it is very much a case of €œbuyer beware and do some background checking on who you buy from (it doesn't take very long) and when you do make sure that they actually have experience in what they are trying to convince you to actually spend your hard earned cash on and make sure your money and time isn't wasted.

So back to Niche Blueprint. These guys know their stuff and it is well worth checking out and if you have the cash then go for it.

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