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Niacin And Adhd, Is There A Benefit?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

Children and adults with ADHD have been found to have deficiencies in certain nutrients and supplements.  Vitamins, a healthy diet and certain herbs have shown substantial progress in the behaviors of ADHD.  Niacin and ADHD treatments have shown some successful results.

Niacin has also been used for depression, bipolar disease and schizophrenia.  Many of these types of therapies are done through orthomolecular therapeutic nutrition which is based on the principal that if your body is given the substances that it needs, your health will be greatly improved and you can treat any disease.  Your body is a symphony of molecules and reactions that depend on "fuel" to make it work correctly.  Vitamins B3, B6, C, magnesium and zinc have shown superior results in helping ADHD and autistic children.  Niacin or NADH (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a very significant coenzyme in the human body and especially the brain thus, niacin and ADHD can help restore healthy brain function and has shown outstanding results with Alzheimer's patients.

If your child is not eating an abundance of veggies and proteins which are high in niacin you may want to supplement their diet.  ADHD niacin is water soluble so what the body does not use, it will be flushed through the system.  However, everyone should have a good multi mineral supplement, especially children if they are not eating well balanced meals.  ADHD niacin is not a cure all by itself, a combination of diet, healthy lifestyle, nutrients and homeopathic remedies have been shown to help the ADHD child.

Besides niacin and ADHD another therapy that has helped hundreds of children are homeopathic remedies.  Homeopathic remedies work on the whole body rather than just covering up the symptoms like prescription drugs.  Find a product with herbs that help in focusing and calming such as; ginkgo biloba used in Chinese medicine it helps maintain the function of the circulatory system, scutellaria laterifolia, or skullcap has been used as a nerve tonic and centella asiatica or gotu cola supports healthy brain and nervous system, centella asiatica is recommended to support a healthy brain.

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