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Neem Tree - Magic of Nature

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Neem is an herb that has been a great assert to human species since thousands of centuries. Neem is extremely useful to humans and this is the reason it is being worshiped in India and is considered as the place where Gods resides. It is said that no evil sprits dares to come near a neem tree and this is the reason neem is a part of every Indian house.

Antiseptic and anti-microbial - it is the best agent to suppress any kind of infection that occurs in our body. The powerful action of neem does not let growth of any microbial as well as parasite to grow. This property of neem was known to ayurvedist in India thousands of years back. They used it extensively to provide cure to people so as to treat them from infections that was the major cause of death in those times.

Diabetes - neem leaves are bitter in taste. This property of neem provides it to act as an anti-diabetic agent.

Heart diseases - neem is very helpful in treating the heart related problems and also improve the circulation of blood in the body. The extracts of the neem leaves is highly recommended in reducing blood clotting, blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and heart ailments.

Teeth and gums - Since prehistoric times neem has been used extensively as an agent that is very helpful in treating mouth related problems. It is a powerful agent that is really very effective in treating problems like gonorrhea, tooth yellowing, bleeding gums, and smell from mouth and taste less ness.

Infections - Neem is the best herbal supplement that has the power to suppress most of the infections that might creep in our body because of some reasons. Neem is loaded with anti-microbial properties that make it to suppress any microbial attack. It is also very helpful in fading away the condition of protozoal invasion.

Neem is known for its immeasurable medicinal properties and is used as a main ingredient in many home remedies. Commending the medicinal properties of neem, numerous sanskrit names have been coined by our ayurveda acharyas. Few of them are mentioned below.

1.It is known as Nimba as it boosts health

2.It is praised as Pichumarda as it destroys skin diseases.

3.As it is used to ward off evil powers that harm our body, it is known as Arishta

Home remedies with neem

1.Apply Crushed fresh leaves of neem on acne. In case of body acne mix fine paste of fresh neem leaves in little water and smear this mixture on back, chest and shoulders.

2.In itching, application of neeem oil on affected areas helps. Boil neem leaves in a big bowl of water and mix this in bathing water. This reduces body itch.

3.Massaging neem oil to scalp removes head lice and prevents formation of dandruff.

4.Mix dry neem powder, shikakai and amla in water and apply this as pack on head. This pack has to be kept for 45 minutes and washed off later. This prevents hairloss and dandruff. Fresh neem leaves can also be used instead of dry neem powder.

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