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Nausea Symptoms

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

Nausea is the uneasy and uncomfortable feeling that arises from the stomach. Nausea can result from certain drugs. Nausea comes to a person whenever one comes across a dirty and unhygienic place. Nausea can also occur if a person is traveling in a fast driven car to a hill station through a zigzag road.

When dealing with nausea, you might not want to deal with bloating on top of it. Sometimes you will be dealing with nausea all by itself, and for you that will be enough. Nausea can sometimes be a symptom of something as simple as food aversions, or something as serious as cancer.

symptoms of nausea:

1. Due to the effect of nausea in your body the person may suffer from instant sweating.
2. The other important symptom of nausea is that a person may suffer from weakness and dizziness.
3. A person may also suffer from the pain in the stomach due to the affect of nausea.

Some of the causes of nausea are:

Heat stroke or overheating
Car, boat, plane etc. motion - motion sickness
Morning sickness from pregnancy

It is true that chemotherapy is very effective cancer treatment but also it gives some side effects that may be for short period or may be permanent. Chemotherapy causes side effects such as omitting, hair loss, weight loss, mouth sores and nausea etc.

Tips to Prevent Nausea:

1) Some foods and scents have a major role in triggering nausea in pregnant women.
2) The selection of food by pregnant women has a great effect on treating nausea.
3) Ginger is also one of the popular morning sickness remedies. Ginger lollipops specially manufactured for pregnant women are safe and effective in treating nausea.
4) Vitamins can help as well as worsen the pregnancy nausea. Taking a daily dose of prenatal vitamins leads to high levels of iron in the body, which can result in morning sickness.

Corn syrup is rich in carbohydrates and can help to offset nausea, but it is even more effective when combined with grated ginger. This mixture is one of the more popular nausea cures used by pregnant women suffering with morning sickness. Because of its well-known anti-nausea effect, ginger, used in any form, helps many women cope with symptoms.

Ginger is the best natural and herbal remedy in case of severe nausea attacks. Effective research shows that the natural properties of ginger are the most effective agents for anti nausea. Ginger relaxes and soothes the human stomach and in the process combats nausea. It is safe and has no side effects too.

Nausea Treatment Tips

1. Several antiemetics, and researchers continue to look for more effective treatments.

2. Doxylamine is the drug of choice in pregnancy-related nausea.

3. Non-invasive (often untested) mechanical devices used to suppress nausea due to motion sickness.

4. Avoid solid foods until there has been no vomiting for six hours, and then work slowly back to a normal diet.

nausea remedies:

Eat smaller meals.
Eliminate carbohydrates during evening meals and late night snacks.
Increase protein in your diet.
Avoid complex carbohydrates and refined grains such as sugar and pasta.
Nausea can be caused by dehydration. It is extremely important to prevent dehydration.

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