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Natural Skin Care Tips To Reverse The Aging Process

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 34   |   Comments: 0

We often tend to dread the aging process and hope to remain young forever. It is interesting to note that these awful wrinkles and fine lines can be averted if we start a healthy routing right from our youth. The best way to avoid an uncomfortable aging is to adopt the principles of natural skin care.

Clean you skin regularly and avoid the use of chemicals

One of the primary requisite of a natural skin care procedure is to maintain your personal health and hygiene. You need to keep yourself clean by indulging in a soap bath each morning or evening. The soap has to be mild and the use of harsh exfoliates and detergent needs to be avoided at all cost.

At the same time, natural skin care lays stress on the use of home made remedies like a lime face wash and a mud pack. You can also make a pack from fresh fruits and vegetables to hydrate your facial skin. Injections and chemicals to enhance your looks should be replaced with organic products.

Say no to smoking and limit your alcohol intake

Addiction to tobacco can be very harmful to your skin. You need to quit smoking, for if you persist, you would soon see the presence of premature wrinkles on your face. Your aging process would catch speed and you would be left with no other alternative than to pay a visit to your local cosmetic clinic and spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars in trying to look good.

Smoking is considered a taboo in the book of natural skin care and has to be avoided at all costs. Alcohol is also known to cause permanent damage to your liver, which in turn reflects on your external skin. Natural skin care suggests a judicious intake of alcohol, which is both good for your health and skin.

Wear Sunscreen and include super foods in your daily diet

If you wish to maintain a healthy skin, you need to ensure that your collagen levels are kept at an all time high. This can be done by introducing super foods in your normal diet. Bilberry is a perfect example of a super food. Not only is it a part of natural skin care, it also saves your wallet from getting fleeced at the hands of a botox injection.

Likewise, use sunscreen and sunburn relief on a regular basis. It moisturizes your skin and avoids excessive sun damage. Choose an organic sun screen which has a combination of aloe vera and a host of healthy ingredients.

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