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Natural remedies for HIV

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 35   |   Comments: 0

Natural remedies for everything from sleep improvement to headaches are prevalent today, and many people swear by them, so the fact that there are natural remedies for hives is not surprising.  It seems that we have an earth that's wonderful enough to have put everything on it that we need in order to help combat certain human frailties, even diseases and other ailments.

Hives are one of those embarrassing phenomenon that most people tend to correlate with nervousness or extreme stress.

I remember my first experience with observing what I thought was a mild case of hives on either Johnny Carson or Arsenio Hall, when Alyssa Milano, then still a huge star, was a guest on the show, and she apparently was really nervous because her neck broke out in this reddish mass of puffy looking irritations, almost instantly.  If your purchase through our site, we receive compensation for a portion of the proceeds, and we thank you for supporting our continued supply of herbal and natural news to the general public.

I think she even acknowledged it, which of course made her totally endearing, but a lot of people don't need to get nervous to break out in hives.

Hives can be the result of an allergic reaction, or can simply be something that happens to certain people a lot more who are highly sensitive to a variety of ingredients and environmental irritants.  But what is the primary cause of hives?  And what natural remedies can you look to for clearing them up safely, quickly, and with minimal hassle?

Well, the most common causes of hives happens to be one of two things, and those we actually already discussed.  They can be brought on by emotional stress or turmoil, and they can also be initiated by allergic reactions to certain things like foods, materials, environmental toxins, latex, medications, and a laundry list of other common irritants that our body goes into battle mode to fend off.

Natural remedies for hives (we chose this one because it is an oral sublingual formula, which means it is super absorbent, and treats the problem internally, where the source of your hives come from since they are essentially an allergic reaction), are formulated to help with the most annoying symptoms of hives, which are itching, burning, welts, redness, and duration of time they are on the body.  Some people say that their hives are so bad that they literally just want to crawl out of their own skin, which makes it hard for us who have never experienced them to imagine.

You can see why it's important to get hives cleared up as soon as possible though.  Not only are they embarrassing because of the way they look, but they can be so severe and uncomfortable that they put a serious wrench in your lifestyle and enjoyment of your life, making wearing clothes an uncomfortable habit even.

Another strange attribute of hives is that they can be light sensitive, and exposing them to different types of light can actually aggravate them and make them burn and itch even worse.  Depending on the individual's sensitivity level, they may experience such painful swelling that they must wear minimally restrictive clothing.

Aside from going to the doctor to be prescribed an ointment, there are some great natural remedies for hives that you can spray under your tongue.  Have you ever heard of homeopathic remedies?

Well that's the idea behind this one.  It's a sublingual formula, which means you hold it under your tongue, where the membrane under the tongue absorbs it slowly for a few minutes and send it to the blood stream, where the anti inflammatory and soothing ingredients get to work from the inside of the body, which is where the hives originate, whether they came from emotional upset or from an allergic reaction of some sort.

A great natural remedy against hives is to try to "train" yourself to not react so much to situations.  Try reading a great self empowerment book by a spiritual authority such as Deepak Chopra.  Teaching such as these hammer home the fact that we cannot always control other people's actions, and we can only control some situations by the way we react to them.

What actually happens is that blood plasma leaks in response to the stimulus, or allergy, and swells and puffs out the skin, making the appearance of large welts and redness.  These welts can be anywhere from the size of a mosquito bite to the size of a plate, depending on the severity of the reaction to whatever stimulae causes your hives.

Assuming these foods are not one that causes a reaction for you personally, you may do well to have a highly "anti inflammatory" diet that is rich in foods like almonds, fish, omega 3 oil rich foods and oils like olive oil, darkly colored berries which have high antioxidant value as well as benefits which extend to taming swelling and irritation, such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, goji berries, acai berry and other "super fruits".

Having a great diet is just one way you may be able to naturally remedy your hives breakouts, but of course it may not be the only way, but it can definitely help.  In addition to adding beneficial foods, you may want to curb those that encourage inflammation, such as refined sugars and carbohydrates which turn to pure acidic sugar in the system.

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