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Natural Medicines To Cure Cancer-Cheap And Safe

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Mahkota Dewa Natural Medicine

The crown is the god of the stem shrubs, leaves, and fruit is very powerful to conquer the disease because they contain high antioxidant, but the seeds are poisonous.

These plants are medicinal plants which are popular because of the leaves and fruit are considered able to cure various diseases. For example high blood pressure disease, diabetes, liver, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, gout, rheumatism, kidney problems, allergies, various skin diseases, overcoming drug addiction, insomnia, lung, liver cirrhosis, increased stamina and endurance against influenza.

In the leaves and fruit skin dewo makuto contained saponins and flavonoid compounds, each of which has the effect of allergy and drug antihistamin.Untuk any process it became very easy. Just a brewing "racik tea" made from the skin and flesh fruit, fruit shells, or leaves, this natural medicine materials were ready for use. If enggak want a sense of bitterness, we can be a little bothered process into instant potions. It was borne more delicious without reducing benefits.

During this crown of leaves and fruit of the gods used the Indonesian community, especially in Java, as the drug of skin diseases, itching, and eczema. The disease is characterized by symptoms of itching, signs of allergy to a particular agent that encourages the body's cells out histamine.

From studies in vitro using guinea pig small intestine, is known, it is true crown of leaves and fruit of the gods have the effect of antihistamines. This means that these plants can be scientifically justified its use as a drug itching from insect bites or caterpillars, eczema, and other diseases due to allergies.

How to utilization?

Fruit crown god was the most widely used as natural medicines, in addition to leaves and stems. Of the three parts, namely the skin and flesh of the fruit, the shell (shell beans), and seeds, which are generally used skin and flesh of fruit and fresh cangkangnya.Dalam, skin and flesh of young gods crown-Sepet Sepet was bitter. While old-Sepet Sepet slightly sweet. If fresh food will cause swelling in the mouth, thrush, drunk, and even poisoning. What causes it, is not known with certainty. Therefore, not advisable to consume fresh.

Shell has a sense of Sepet Sepet-bitter, more bitter than the skin and flesh. This section is also not recommended for direct consumption because it can lead to drunkenness, dizziness, even fainting. However, when processed, this section is more efficacious than the skin and flesh of fruit. This section can treat severe diseases like breast cancer, uterine cancer, lung disease, and cirrhosis of the reasons why the seeds hati.Ada crown gods are not consumed. "Seeds are poisonous. If chewed, we can throw up and tongue numb, ". Therefore, this section is used only to treat diseases of kulit.Sudah to make pulp or its shell as a drug, need processing first. Can be used as dried fruit, tea racik, or instant potions. However, is often done by making herb tea and instant racik.

Another part that could be used drug is stems and leaves. Trunk crown empirically god can treat bone cancer. While the leaves can cure impotence, dysentery, allergies, and tumors. How to use is to boil the leaves and drank airnya.Jangan surprised. Once the crown of the god to drink potions, we immediately felt the sleepiness attacks. This effect is normal. Another effect is drunk. To eliminate this effect it is recommended to drink more water. For further consumption, the dose should be reduced crown god. If it still drunk, you should temporarily stop first. In the process of the disease or cure serious diseases like cervical cancer, after patients taking the crown of the god himself seduhan could feel the heat and cold, sometimes even a blood clot issue stinks. "This is a cleansing process of disease," Their use can be in the form of a single herb can also mix potions. "Mixing with other herbs is intended to strengthen Khasiatnya and neutralize toxins. Also to reduce the unpleasant taste, "Attempts to use herbs crown healing god, can not quickly produce results. The treatment needs to be done several times. Even for severe chronic diseases take a long time. Noteworthy is the dose should not exceed its use is recommended. If the proportion of excess, unwanted effects can muncul.Mesti remember, young pregnant women are prohibited from taking the crown of the gods. Crown has also proven capable of play like a god oxytosin or sintosinon that can spur uterine muscle work that facilitate the birth process. This could endanger the pregnancy is still KankerPada Taming muda.Resep for adults, to treat cancer (breast or uterus) is not too serious or just prevention, just use a tablespoon of instant potion brewed with a glass of water. Drink twice a day, morning and afternoon hari.Bila serious illness, need herb tea mixture gods and racik crown instant white turmeric. Way, we boil a teaspoon of tea racik gods crown in three cups of water until the water is staying half. Then, add a teaspoon of instant white turmeric. This potion sehari.Untuk taken three times a very serious disease this dose was made twice, or until a spoonful of tea god racik crown. This treatment takes 3 - 6 months. After the patient was cured herb consumed by the dose remained dikurangi.Mengendalikan diabetesUntuk prevent or treat diabetes that is not too serious need 3 to 5 pcs tea god racik crown in three cups boiling water with three bay leaves. Boiling water until done live half. This potion taken three days to once a week. As for treating severe diabetes we boil the same way: a teaspoon of the crown racik gods and three bay leaves. Potion drunk three times a day.

Where Crown god?

Crown of the god known as china or leaves beluntas gods in Sumatra, or kio tiles in Java., Benefits and treatment plants are well known in dozens of countries tahunlalu particularly China, are there people call him by name shian tao. In the form of medicine gajin, god corolla efficacious as anti-inflammatory drugs, fever, pain relievers, cleaning the blood and prevent clots can darah.Selain in China, in Indonesia at this plant originally found in Papua. But local people do not regard it as nutritious crops for fear that poisonous plant allowed to grow as many wild plants is equivalent to other weeds.

That crown the god (Phaleria macrocarpa). Plants that reportedly came from the mainland of Papua is in Central Java and Yogyakarta nicknamed makuto dewo, makuto rojo, or makuto queen. People call it the king of Banten drug, because Khasiatnya can cure various diseases. Meanwhile, people from ethnic Chinese called pau, which means the drug heirlooms.

What is contained in the Crown of Gods?

From the research data showed that the crown of leaves and bark contain alkaloids god, saponin, flanoida, essential oils, and tannins. DR Regina Sumastuti, pharmacologist from the Faculty of Medicine Gadjah Mada University found the chemical content of substances such as antihistamines that can prevent allergies. In addition to these plants is as axytosin and sintosinon the uterine muscle stimulant that facilitate the process of giving birth for the Crown of Gods persalinan.Buah contains active substances such as: serve as a detoxifying alkaloids that can neutralize toxins in the body. Saponino a source anti-bacterial and anti-viruso boost the immune system to reduce tubuho increase vitalitaso sugar levels to reduce blood clotting daraho Flavanoido circulation throughout the body and prevent blockages in the vessels daraho reduce cholesterol and reduce the content of fat in penumbunan vessel wall reduced the level of risk daraho koronero heart disease contain an anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) o serve as an anti-oksidano help reduce the pain if there is bleeding or swelling Polyphenols act as anti-histamine (anti-allergy)

How to plant a Crown god?

Mahkota Dewa tree cultivated as ornamental plants / plant shade. Small tree with a height reaching 1.5 to 3 meters, the shrubs, have an interesting fruit because of the color red, pressed from the main trunk to the branches that try rantingnya.Tak little garden planted in the house. In fact, there are business opportunities to cultivate and process into products of traditional medicine or herbs with various bentuk.Masa production from 10 to 20 years. Fruit round crown god, with a size range of ping-pong ball until the apples. Plant part used as medicine ingredients are leaves and fruit. Plants used to crown the god grows in height from 10 to 1200 m asl (above sea level) with the optimal location from 10 to 1000 m dpl.Perbanyakan plants using seeds from the ripe fruit. How to seed seeding can be done using a planting medium roasted husks mixed with manure (compost). During the process of watering nursery routinely performed in the morning and afternoon hari.Sekitar 10 to 14 days after seeding, the leaves started to show growth. Seedlings transferred to the planting medium at the age of 2 months or where the plant has reached a height of 10 to 15 cm.

Media planting can use pots or planted in garden soil. Pot diameter 30 cm and 40 cm high, can be made of soil, plastic, wood or tin. Media planted in pots should be a mixture of soil, compost, sand / chaff in the ratio 1: 1: 1.Tanaman takes a lot of water during the first flowering hidupnya.Tanaman the fruit at the age of 10-12 months. Fruit will mature and ready for harvesting within 2 months. Ripe fruit will be colored in merah.Meski planting in pots or directly in the ground, its growth would be better if planted in the ground. Derived from cuttings, should bear more cepat.Kecuali with graft or through the seed, the crown of the god also can be propagated by grafting techniques.

(Quoted from various sources)

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