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Natural Health Remedies - Did You Know Your Home Was Full of Them?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

Some of the things that you are about to read in this article are going to impress you. I know when I first came across them, they certainly impressed me. There are items that are likely in your home or have been that you have likely just thrown away that could have either cured an ailment or relieved some other symptoms. I am talking very simple things that if people only knew what capabilities they had, everyone would be turning to them.

What did you do with the last piece of toast that you accidentally burned? Odds are pretty good that it went directly into the trash or the composter. Did you know that burnt toast contains charcoal and will relieve gas pain?

How long has that bottle of apple cider vinegar been in your pantry? You know the one that you either bought for one specific recipe or maybe your mom gave it to you? Well, that apple cider vinegar is good to have around for healing sores. For bad wounds, soak a gauze bandage in the solution and leave overnight. You could also dilute one part vinegar to five parts water to use as an effective antiseptic wash to heal sores.

Ginger root might be one of those things that you glance at in the fruit market only because of its bizarre shape. You may even wonder what in the world one would do with such a thing. If you grate some of it and put it inside a clean cloth or something similar, so that you can squeeze out all of the juice, then add it to some vegetable oil, it's a great massage oil that will relieve very tired and aching muscles and joints. Applying before bed will help prevent disturbed sleep.

If you or someone in your family gets a sprain or a bruise, take a cabbage leaf and roll it with a bottle or a rolling pin until it is crushed. Then place it over the affected area and secure it with a bandage. Replace with a new leaf every couple of hours.

The next time that you have a wound that looks infected, or an angry looking boil, grab a little piece of bread and put some honey on it. Place it honey side down on the wound and the honey will act as a drawing ointment which will clean out the wound or bring the boil to a head.

Have you ever called your mom when your baby had a diaper rash? Maybe she advised you to use cornstarch. It does the trick every time.

Natural health remedies are available to you everywhere you look, you simply need to know what you're looking at. With a little research and a willingness to seek one out, you can find a natural health remedy for almost every ailment you can think of.

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