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Natural Hair Loss Remedy

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

It has been discovered that up to half of women undergo female pattern hair loss during their lifetime. Women who experience hair loss or thinning of hair can feel embarrassed and anxious. When the problem of hair loss in women is left untreated, it often becomes worse.

Natural hair loss remedies are centuries old and these traditional treatments predate the man made chemical solutions by many years. Communities all over the world have turned to these natural approaches with great success.

Hair loss can be devastating no matter what your age or gender. For those who suffer from hair loss, not much will stop them from seeking out a hair loss remedy. While there has yet to be found an ultimate cure for hair loss, there are certain things that can help combat the effects.

Exercise - Another popular natural remedy is plain and simply aerobic exercise. Just like massaging, regular exercise is supposed to be able to help deliver the right nutrients to the scalp. This will help keep the scalp and hair healthy.

Minerals such as Zinc and Magnesium also play an important role in having healthy hair, nails and skin. Just stick to the right dosage which should be under 50mg a day. These nutrients make for an effective natural hair loss remedy.

The very best and most effective natural hair loss remedy products should contain these ingredients to help you restore your hair naturally, while helping to keep the rest and you healthy.

Natural hair loss remedy has always been trusted by people because it sounds so pure, so it must be good, correct? However, while some treatments work well there is no telling which one will be the most suitable for you, as everyone possesses different body chemistries.

A natural hair loss remedy has now been developed from the true cause of androgenetic alopecia - Skull Expansion. This article explains how Skull Expansion was discovered and how simple self-help techniques completely reversed my own hair loss.

Keep on your head for 20 minutes and wash once with a neutral shampoo (I used Johnson's Baby shampoo). Rub in the second egg yolk and wash off using only warm water.

After washing your hair with water, massage your scalp for about ten to fifteen minutes. This stimulates the blood to circulate and strengthen the hair follicles in the scalp.The best natural hair loss remedy is easily the Saw Palmetto extract. Studies have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of this extract in combating hair loss. This is because it fights the hormone DHT which chokes the hair follicles and causes baldness.


There have been recent studies conducted that have shown that there are certain formulations of the topical zinc that can actually inhibit DHT in the skin which is known to be leading to the actual reduction of oil as well as helping it to grow. You need to be careful so that you do not overdose that could accelerate your hair loss and it can also cause the loss as well.

Garlic is not just good for our body, but also for our hair. Garlic extract can remove and destroy harmful toxins and stimulate blood circulation, important in the scalp for proper hair care and growth and prevent hair loss. Addition of garlic extract in shampoo helps to keep hair strong, preventing breakage and hair loss, while adding significant body and shine.

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