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Natural Gout Treatment: Offering Mulitple Solutions To Cure Gout Arthritis

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 34   |   Comments: 0

Victims of gout are often in search of a natural gout treatment as they may not want to use prescribed medicines. Several effective home cures are available and we have a few of them for you.

This illness is caused by extra amounts of uric acid in your body and is classified as a form of arthritis. The uric acid in crystal form is lodged in the joints of your body rather than working its way to the kidneys. The symptoms of gout include inflammation and pain and there is generally swelling of the area. It is known that men are more susceptible to gout occurrence than women are.

Diet can be a cause of gout as well as carrying too much weight and also the consumption of too much alcohol. Doing exercise is very important and people who do not do any exercise are more inclined to suffer with gout.

Some of these easy home cures can efficiently treat your gout symptoms. Cherries have a high content of vitamin C and consuming ten to about fifteen of these per day will assist with repeated incidences. Safflower is another option and it is fine to take in the form of capsules.

Try one third cup of ginger that's been ground in some hot water and immerse your feet in this for about thirty minutes. The heat will get rid of the acid. Ensure that you wash well after this treatment as ginger is prone to cause irritation once the area has dried. Drink the juice of one half of a lemon in a single glass of water, 3 times per day. Lemon contains vitamin C and it will help in breaking down the deposits. Drink as much water as you can, at least 6 or 8 glasses per day. This will assist with washing out the deposits and will help with effective kidney health.

The other methods that are effective include taking a flannel and soaking it in Castor oil that has been warmed. Place this on the affected areas. Make a paste by making a mixture of whole wheat and mustard powders and adding water to form a paste. Put the paste on the affected areas, cover with gauze and leave it on overnight. You can make a mixture of two cups of Epsom salts added to warm water and use this to soak your toes in.

The use of natural gout treatment tends to be far more effective than using prescribed medication, so find out which treatment you prefer and use it.  For more information on Gout Arthritis check out Natural Gout Treatment

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