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Natural Cures with Homeopathy

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 42   |   Comments: 0

When you start looking, natural cures abound. From the rapid resolution of a simple insect bite, to the healing of a chronic, disabling, wasting and fatal disease. All can be healed naturally.

The key is in finding the cause.

Some causes are easy to see. For instance, if you regularly eat doughnuts for breakfast, burgers for lunch and microwave a packet for dinner, you know your health won', can', last.

It can be that easy.

So, armed with your brand new homeopathic first aid kit, you want to magically bring about some natural cures for you and your family.

Let's say your young daughter has been bitten by a bee. The site swells up, becomes red and tight to feel. She complains of a stinging or burning pain. She may or may not be allergic to bees, but if she is, there is a very real possibility of her going into anaphylactic shock.

Deciding on first trying the natural cures approach, you rapidly read through the instructions in your kit. Apis seems to be the appropriate remedy, given the cause and the resultant symptoms, as well as the past history.

You give her a dose. Ten minutes you give her another dose. The whining reduces a little. You give another dose ten minutes later.

You didn't imagine it, the whining has almost completely abated.

Twenty minutes later, it starts again.

Another dose.

She races off playing.

A couple of hours later, she asks for another dose. By which time the site has improved a great deal and you're feeling pretty pleased with yourself.

Your cat comes home one day, feeling rather sorry for himself. On closer inspection, you see some marks on his leg that look like a bite mark. You know he tends to play with baby snakes that are common where you live. So you fear the worse.

Although this is pretty serious stuff, you are encouraged by your past successes, so you opt for the natural cures approach again. Digging out your homeopathic first aid kit you look up bites from poisonous animals.

It tells you to give Aconite first for the shock, then Ledum for the bite. Then to alternate them every ten minutes. Your cat doesn't seem to mind this at all. You feel he knows you're trying to help. After a couple of hours, you begin to see he is noticeably relaxing and trying to sleep. You leave him, checking on him regularly.

That evening, he wakes up, demanding his dinner as normal.

Now you're really getting into your stride.

Sceptical to the last, your partner comes down with a fever after swimming in cold water on a hot day. His face looks red, you can see his carotids pounding at his throat. He's burning up with a fever.

You've heard that fever is a good reaction of the body to stop invading pathogens taking a hold. But you're a bit alarmed as his fever is surging through 38 degrees C and rising.

Your, by now trusty homeopathic first aid kit, comes out again. You quickly scan the instructions and decide on Belladonna.

Putting a pillule (small pill) in half a glass of water, you spoon a little water into your partner's mouth, every few minutes. It's not long before you see him relax and fall asleep.

An hour or so later he wakes, takes another sip and falls back to sleep. Typical of his gender, although completely recovered in just a few hours, he puts it down to fluke, coincidence, not a very bad attack.

You nursed him. You know different.

So when shouldn't you try to achieve natural cures with your home remedy kit?

Well, firstly, when you have a serious condition and the selected remedies don't seem to be having any effect.

Secondly, when the remedy kit doesn't seem to cover the eventuality.

Thirdly with any serious or chronic disease. Serious disease often has more than one cause and many factors need to be considered. For instance, I'm often contacted with how someone can help themselves with the pain of cancer.

This is way beyond the scope of a home prescriber. Seek the services of a professional homeopath or your preferred therapist in these circumstances. You need to know a lot more than a kit can give you.

A chronic disease is one which lasts a long time, often the rest of your life (but not with homeopathy!).

A home prescribing homeopathic first aid kit generally covers acute conditions - which can look alarming, but are usually resolved within a few days or weeks. And this is where you can do most good, this is where your natural cures will become a regular occurrence.

So learn to know what you can and can't treat, know that you will make mistakes and you won't always get it right, and be empowered by those magical natural cures that will soon become commonplace.

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