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Natural Cures For Yeast Infection, Causes And Remedies

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 35   |   Comments: 0

Yeast infection is a very irritating problem faced by most of the women. Severe itching, burning sensations mostly in the vagina can be the most bothering and embarrassing at times. This infection can occur in other parts of the body like breasts, skin folds, nail bed and lower abdomen. Some yeast infections also occur in mouth resulting in white patches and sores; occasional bleeding from the infected parts creates lots of discomfort.

Men also contact this infection from the infected female partner through sexual contacts. Though this infection does not turn serious, but other discomforts faced by women are -

1. Problem in urination

2. Painful sexual intercourse

3. Foul odor from vagina

4. White and thick vaginal discharge


Yeast generally thrives in damp and moist conditions and when the pH level of the vagina changes to acidic. Other factors are -

1. Injury in the vaginal membrane

2. Dryness of vagina due to menopause

3. On prolonged intake of antibiotics

4. Pregnancy when there is hormonal change

5. Use of sanitary napkins

6. Tight clothing that induce moist conditions

7. Frequent contact with semen

Yeast infection in mouth is caused due to the weak immune system of the body or due to regular use of inhalers in asthma treatment.


Most of the infected persons are always in the look out for antifungal creams, pills in the drug stores for instant relief. Very few care for the natural remedies which work with long lasting effects and can be reused to prevent such infections.

1. Application of curd is a good natural therapy as the beneficial lactobacillus bacteria replaces the harmful yeast in the vagina.

2. Garlic fights yeast very effectively. Application of garlic few times a day is soothing providing relief.

3. Apple cider vinegar if applied in dilute concentrations kills the yeast.

4. Adding yoghurt to the daily diet or drinking butter milk helps in preventing any sort of yeast infection.

5. Drinking plenty of water flushes out the sugars that aid in the growth of yeast resulting in low chance of its infection and also to the cure.

6. Taking oil of oregano in prescribed doses also helps in combating the infection.

7. Mouth infection can be cured by frequent rinsing of the mouth with salt water.

8. Drinking cool liquids soothes the sores in the mouth and strictly avoiding sugar content food that helps in yeast formation.

Maintaining clean hygiene and good diet prevents such infections. Wearing of loose garments to allow free movement of air prohibits the growing of yeast.

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