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Natural And Spiritual Ways Of Healing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

Medical treatments have saved billions of lives over the centuries and there is no reason to shut your doors from them, but because of such reliance, you may often forget that there are natural and spiritual ways to heal too.

Everything in the world is spinning. And they're spinning fast that sometimes people can't keep up. You wake up in the morning, dress for work or for school, be trapped in a place that gives you stress, go home tired that sometimes you even fail to have a quick dinner, go straight to bed to rest and before you know it, morning comes and the routine goes on. What's more frustrating is when you don't get to have a vacation where you can seriously relax and drain all the horrible forces in your system you've been carrying the whole week or the whole month. And even if you do get a break from work, thoughts of deadlines and projects are imprinted in your head that even if you physically seem relaxed, you're mentally, emotionally or spiritually preoccupied.

This is the point what Eastern healing philosophies have protected ever since they were established and this is what their followers from across generations and places believe in. In Chinese acupuncture for example, one area of the body when pricked by a healing needle is believed to cure an ailment inside the body. This too is what Reiki, a Japanese healing therapy delivers. However needles are not used here, what followers advocate is that when you start living a more content and rewarding lifestyle, the tendency is that you'd have more chances of being healthy, not just physically but spiritually as well. More than that, this therapy also attributes the well-being of a person, whether it be physical or spiritual, to the life forces that are within him or that are affect him from the outside. As the name suggests, life energies are carried by anything that has life. The thought of life energies can make people doubt about the effectiveness of reiki. This is understandable only because there seems to be no concrete way of describing these energies and they are something that can not be seen. However, they can be felt. Stress from things around you tires your body and encourages negative thoughts and emotions that in turn cause you to feel sick emotionally and drain you mentally. Therefore, many sicknesses which are remedied by prescription medicine can actually be attributed to life energies being hindered to flow freely within your system. What causes these hindrances are the many troubles one has in his life that gives him discontent, unhappiness and imbalance.

From here, one must understand that Reiki is not just about physical healing but is also a spiritual practice. But as far as it involves healing physical ailments, tenohira or palm healing leaves anybody who is not feeling well a sense of renewed vigor, making this form of alternative medicine effective in some sense.

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