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Nail Fungus Treatment- All Methods

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

There are many over-the-counter drugs available. There are many highly recommended home remedies too. You can buy topical creams from the market. These topical creams can be easily applicable and their regular use can cure the disease. Many online pharmacies can provide you all these over-the-counter as well as the prescription drugs at discounted rates.

Types of nail fungus infections

There are many types of nail fungus infection. Some of which are more common than the others. But, behind all these infections there are certain diseases causing factors that are common to all. The fungus preferably grows in warm, moist, and dirty environment. Continuous sweating, walking barefoot in pool sides, using nail cutters and other pedicure instruments of the infected person as well as walking bare foot in public places can all lead to danger. Onychomycosis (Aspergillus nail infection) is the mostly seen to cause fungus infection in the nails. The fungus enters the nail bed and causes the nail to change colours from small white dots to yellow colour to brown and later to black colour. The nail gets dehydrated, brittle and distorted. Pain and irritation follows in severe cases, along with pus pockets in the nearby tissues. There can be smelly discharge too. This fungal infection can get spread in the nearby nails as well if not treated in time.

Nail fungus remedy

There are many ways of curing these fungal diseases. These include a vast list of home remedies, oral pills, topical creams and oils. The home remedies include the tea tree oil, which plays a powerful and natural antiseptic, fungicide and antibiotic. Lavender oil will prevent skin irritation. A mixture of Vinegar and Luke warm water is also quite helpful if you keep your toes dipped in it daily for minimum of ten minutes. Last but not the least- oregano oil and olive oil are also quite beneficial for the treatment. The topical creams have all these components along with medicines.

You just need to apply daily or as recommended by your doctor. You can get amazingly beautiful fungus free nails within days. These creams also have ample amount of oxygen which gets released in the nail bed and kill the fungus. It also helps in healthy cell formation. There are many oral pills too that your doctor may team up with the topical creams. But, their prolong use is harmful for the liver and kidney. There are many medicated nail polishes available in the market too.

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