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Music For Women To Listen To Before A Date

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 102   |   Comments: 0

Getting ready for a night out with a new guy can send your nerves into the land of gelatin. Expectations to impress are high and nothing is more important than having a steady hand when trying out that new smoky eye look.

The perfect solution to putting you in the mood is simple: music. Depending on your musical taste there is a song out there that can work as an excellent overture to what you hope will be a fantastic evening.

Start with some vintage numbers and a good bubble bath. As you soak amid rose scented foam sing along with the Andrews Sisters as they croon the classic Rum and Coca-cola. Next dry off as you sing Dolly Parton's Here You Come Again. The violins will lift up your spirits and the familiarity of the song will make you want to seize on to Dolly's hopeful energy.

Norah Jones award winning CD, Come Away With Me, is a soothing blend of songs that whisper the promise of romance. Her alluring voice will help calm any sudden date jitters that begin to creep up. Piggyback Norah's CD with anything from the Diana Krall collection. Diana has a way of hushing the rest of the intrusive sounds of the world. Fade out the sound of traffic outside of your bedroom window and float away on her delicate melodies. This is perfect scented candle music.

Bridging the gap between soothing music and songs to strut to is the break out star, Jem. Jem's songs have been featured lately as the soundtrack to romance in many hit movies and television series. Her single Come on Closer will give you some growl as you ponder what dress to wear and what to wear underneath. Try out her stunning remake of the classic, Maybe I'm Amazed. The quiet sweetness will make you want to be amazed by your date.

International pop stars, the Scissor Sisters, are experts at creating songs that will have you dancing around your bedroom. Take Your Mama is not just a toe tapper. It is a get up out of your chair and dance song. Playing some of your favorite dance music from yesteryear is another way to calm your nerves. It's difficult to stay in a suspended state of anxiety of the Spice Girls are blasting on your boom box.

Now that you are dressed, or at least know what to wear, it is time to set your mind back on romance. Al Green is your man now. Play the classics Tired of Being Alone back to back with Here I Am (Come and Take Me) and think about wearing your red lipstick. Belle and Sebastian's If She Wants Me is another song that is sure to put a twinkle in your eye.

Don't be afraid to forgo contemporary music altogether. Some of the best pre date songs don't come with a flashy music video. Bach's Cantata number 156 is a breathtaking song full of romance and hope. Try a Windham Hill Sampler of classics for a perfect blend of soaring songs.

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