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Mother care and care of body during pregnancy with Unani Ailments

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 30   |   Comments: 0

A pregnant woman may have mixed feelings. She may feel happy and proud but at the same time, may be anxious and uncertain. In fact, during pregnancy, feelings may change frequently from one day to the next. The mixture of feelings is quite normal, while adjusting to pregnancy and to the idea of parenthood. The pregnant women should be educated about good care of health because caring for herself during pregnancy means good care for the baby.

The following are some guide line how the pregnant women care about her pregnancy and her body during pregnancy.

Antenatal care :
The care women receive before the baby is born during pregnancy is called antenatal care. Women who start antenatal care early as much as possible to ensure a normal pregnancy with delivery of a healthy baby from a healthy mother.

Pregnancy Care
Sleep & Rest : The patient may continue her usual activities throughout pregnancy, but hard work should be avoided. Pregnant women should get enough rest, especially during later months. A rest during the day is good and the night sleep is at least 8 hours.

Medicine : During pregnancy, especially during first trimester, women should not take any medication at all; because during first three months there is organ formation occurs.

Diet : Is important on three counts; viz; the health of mother herself, her developing foetus and the alleviation of minor disorders of pregnancy. Pregnant women should be explained about regular intake of food which ensures regular supply of nutrients to the unborn baby. The pregnant diet ideally should be light, nutritious, easily digestable and rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. Therefore their meals should have portion of meat or fish, eggs or high proteins at lunch and dinner should take plenty of fresh fruits, milk, cheese etc.

Travelling : Travels by vehicles having jerks are better to be avoided specially in first trimester and the last 6 weeks. Long journey mainly limited in second trimestar. Rail route is preferable. Air craft is contraindicated in cases with placenta praevia, pre-eclampsia, severe anaemia and sickle cell anaemia.

Bowel : There is a tendency of constipation during pregnancy, which may be related with back ache and abdominal discomfort. Regular bowel movement may be facilitated by regulation of diet taking, plenty of fluids, vegetables and milk.

Sexual intercourse : There is no reason to stop having sex during pregnancy, but if there is a history of miscarriage, better to avoid in first trimestar and during last 6 weeks.

Smoking & Alcohol : Better to stop smoking not only during pregnancy but even thereafter. Heavy smoker have small babies and there is also more chance of abortion. Similarly alcohol consumption is to be drastically avoided, so it prevents fetal maldevelopment or growth restriction.

Care of breasts : If nipples are anatomically normal, nothing is to be done beyond ordinary cleanliness. If the nipples are retracted, correction is to be done in the later months by manipulation to easy feeding.

Bathing : The patient should be daily bath but be careful against stipping in the bathroom due to imbalance.

Weight control : The pregnant women should expect to gain about 10-12kg in weight during her pregnancy and not to exceed.

Dental Care : Brush the teeth thoroughly at least twice a day, and if pregnantn women have dental carey or tooth problem take more care, it take safeguard to the fetus.

Skin : During pregnancy the body colour specially cheek, neck become dark due to hormonal changes and it will be clear-up after delivery.

Clothes & Shoes : Pregnant women should wear loose garments and it should be cotton. And wearing bra makes the breast firm. The shoes be flat and avoided to wear heel.

Immunization : Immunization against tetanus not only protects the mother but also the neonates. In unprotected women, 0.5ml tetanus toxioid is given intramuscularly at 6 weeks interval for 2 such, the first one to be given between 16-24 weeks.

Pregnant women frequently suffer from a variety of minor medical problems that may cause significant distress, anxiety and loss of emotional feelings. Some of these problems are unique to pregnancy, some are a continuation of previous problems and some are common ailments that all of us have from time to time.

Exercise : Exercise in pregnancy should be encouraged, though with advancing gestation physical constraints may limit sporting activities. Exercise can improve cardio vascular function, lower blood pressure and improve self-esteem and confidence. Swimming is often helpful throughout pregnancy because it is non-weight bearing exercise.

Minor Problems
Backach : During pregnancy due to changes in posture, relaxation of the ligaments, high heel shoes leading to increase the back pain. Doing massage with Roghane gul and Roghane qusth alleviates the pain and if due to calcium deficienty giving Qurs marwareed and Kameere marwareed is good.

Nausea & Vomiting : It is commonly appear in following first or second missed period and subsides by the end of first trimester (first 3 months). This is especially in the morning, soon after getting out of bed. So advice them to move the limbs for few minutes before getting out of bed or taking dry toast or biscuit before rising from the bed and avoidance of fatty foods and liquids in empty stomach. If these simple measures fails taking following drugs are helpful.

Adrak (Ginger) juice
Sharbat anar shireen
Leemoni juice
Jawarishe kamooni

Constipation : This is due to contraction of the lumen (gut) and pressure of pregnant uterus on large intestine. This relieved by taking Roghane badam and Isapghoul with water.

Leg cramps : This is due to deficiency of calcium and phosphorous level in blood. Commonly occur on back and calves muscles. This relieved by massaging the legs with Roghane gul and Roghae qusth and application of local hot heat and warm bath.

Acidity : There is burning sensation in stomach and throat due to pregnant uterus compress the stomach, causes back ward return of acid. This is relieved by sleeping in semi-reclining position and using following medicine also beneficial. And also giving Jawarishe kamooni, astringent fruits like Amla, Haleela and Baleela.

Varicose veins and Haemorrhoids (Piles)
Commonly occur in legs, vulva or rectum in later months, due to obstruction in the venous return by the pregnant uterus. For legs varicosities applying elastic crape bandage during pregnancy. And elevation of the limbs on rest helpful. For piles using laxatives helpful to soft the bowel. And sitz bath (Abzan) with Kmno4 solution and hot fomentation with joshandae posth khaskash is beneficial.

Ankle oedema : This is due to over weight on feet and ankle, so it is relieved by doing nutool with Tukhm khurfa and Tukhm kahu and also Fafol with juice of Anbub salab leaves.

Vaginal discharge & Pruritus vulvae : This is due to increase vascularity of genital tract and changes of vaginal pH, so assurance the patient and advice them to maintain the hygiene. Additionally using Safoof e sailan and taking sitz bath with Safoofe zaj is good.

Carpet tunnel syndrome : During pregnancy, due to fluid accumulation causes median nerve compression, so patient will suffer from numbness on fingers and palm. So doing massage with Roghane zaitoon and avoid salt in diet.

Loss of sleep : Loss of sleep due to anxiety, fear and worries. Better to counselling them and ask to take warm water at bed time.

Palpitation : This is due to increased cardiac out put, so morning walk and stay in well ventilated room is beneficial. Taking Khameer marwareed, Arq gulab and Arq gauzaban. Dawaulmisk, Zaranbad is beneficial.

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