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More Worldwide Tv Viewers Are Ditching Satellite/cable To Watch Television Online For Free!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 27   |   Comments: 0

After several years of watching Satellite and Cable networks steadily increase their rates, some consumers fell victim to the rising costs left by an ailing economy. They either downgraded their subscriptions to basic service or eliminated them altogether when turning to free Internet TV. In doing so saved about $50.00 off their monthly bills while gaining access to favorite shows, episodes, movies, sports, and other great content from the Internet

Video is becoming more and more available via alternative technology, portability, and mobile devices that can access free Internet content instantly. Many believe including myself that it's better to reinvest money into television on a PC which in hindsight helps combat an ailing economy, raising costs, and can add an extra TV when needed.

Just a couple of years ago, Internet video watchers increased dramatically. This rise was attributed to websites such as Joost, Hulu, Fancast, YouTube, and others providing free content from Satellite/Cable broadcasters such a,s ABC, NBC, CBS Fox, etc. Today, this enormous video on-demand library includes everything from "Bones" and "CNN" to "Shopping Online" and "30 Rock."

To support this rising interest, research shows the highest number of online video watchers to be among the young generation (pre-teens, teens, 20s, and 30s). But the number of offline video watchers still remain number one. In addition, the older generation (40s and up) is taking more interest in television on the Internet each year.

These consumers fall into a select group of live TV and video watchers called cord cutters which is a loosely defined term when viewers either cancel or downgrade their paid TV services in favor of television on Internet. Although home video watchers are at an all-time high according to the Nielsen Media Research and faces no immediate threat from free Internet media, online video watchers are growing ever so slightly.

As a result: This watching TV online platform that continues to provide free and newly added content such as, television episodes, sports, movies, news, radio, and music from across the globe, promotes a greater interest that will cause more people not to buy subscription video--if they can get the same stuff totally free.

Cutting TV Costs with Television on PC

Even though a figure can't be placed on the number of cord cutters, this niche is still relatively small, perhaps at 1% (+/-) out of the total number of TV and video watchers. Subsequently, it could have something to do with some of the drawbacks. Watching TV shows online isn't the same as television relaxing on a couch with a remote. However, with an ailing economy and high costs that plunge deeper into the pockets, more consumers are ditching paid TV.

For college students, families, and the unemployed with bills to pay, there is no monthly expense when watching television online. In addition, the upside is having more TV variety, savings, freedom, flexibility, and mobility than traditional television. Using a laptop with an Internet broadband or wireless (wifi) connection does wonders when on the go, and creates instant TV from any location while at home or when traveling Worldwide.

Internet media providers especially the top ones are gaining more Worldwide appeal than ever before. This in turn made some eye brows rise in the paid TV industry who sees this as a potential revenue making opportunity. Once this trend really booms, and it will someday, consumers will have access to more free channels, stations, and videos across the globe.

Whether consumers find more or less time to watch television, Satellite/Cable networks don't have the answers to everyone's lifestyle. There are all kinds of set-top boxes which one can buy/rent and download/watch TV shows, videos, and movies while paying $0.99 or more per episode or movie. On the other hand, software, live feeds networks, and hardware can be utilized as alternative gateways to delivering streaming live and recorded channels, videos, movies, and sports across the globe.

Internet television is a means to an end when it comes to paying high Cable/Satellite TV costs and lack of quality entertainment with free-to-air television. When consumers are left with no other choices and must either cancel or downgrade from their paid media, watching TV shows online has its advantages.

There are free, cheap, and high cost ways to watching Internet television. But choosing the best gateway that brings television to ones PC depends on his/her budget, tech know-how, time on hand, and interest.

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