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More Than Just a Toy Chest

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0

There are a number of reasons why you should consider investing in a quality wooden toy chest. While there are a number of inexpensive plastic toy boxes on the market, most lack the quality of a handmade wooden chest.


The vast superiority in quality is one of the top reasons to choose a wooden toy chest. While most plastic boxes are made of parts that snap together like a jigsaw puzzle, a wooden chest is made by a craftsman who understands the art of joining wood and who knows how hard kids can be on furniture. By using sturdy joining techniques like dovetailing and heavy-duty hinges on chest lids, the craftsmen create a piece that you can buy with confidence. Rest easy knowing that you have purchased a high quality piece of furniture. It will be able to withstand the demands that come with being a piece of furniture in a child's playroom.


Not only will a handmade wooden chest last longer than a fabricated plastic one, but it will look much nicer as well. If you have chosen a particular decorating theme for your child's bedroom or playroom, then a beautiful wooden chest can be finished to match the rest of the woodwork or the other pieces of furniture in the room. If you want to tie a sense of sophistication in to your child's room and need a place where toys can be hidden to quickly turn their room into an elegant part of the house, then you'll certainly want to explore the options available to you in wooden toy chests.


A piece such as a custom or handmade wooden toy chest can quickly become an heirloom. If there was a toy chest that stands out as an integral part of your childhood, then think about how meaningful it would be if you were able to let your kids use that same chest. If there wasn't a box in your past, then consider introducing one into your family. One day you may be helping your grandkids clean up their toys into that very same box. This kind of scenario isn't even plausible with an inexpensive plastic toy box, but it is very much a realistic possibility if you choose to invest in the future memories of your family with a wooden toy chest.

It can be refinished

Wooden toy chests are versatile. They can be stripped, repainted, and refinished as many times as you would like. Whether handed down to a boy or girl, painted pink or blue, the box will always be structurally the same. Every child will be able to put their own unique stamp on it and will have their own memories of the times that the toy chest was theirs. Imagine sitting around years later, as younger generations play around the toy chest, and remembering with your siblings, cousins, and others all of the different faces that the box has had over the years.

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