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Monavie Reviews.. What Your Monavie Upline isn't telling you about your business

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0
Monavie reviews If youve been in the network marketing/mlm industry for very long youve certainly heard of a company called Monavie. And if you're a monavie distributor than you know the tremendous impact this business has had on the mlm industry. Monavie juice or the monavie product line consists of health products in juice form that are rich in antioxidants and blah blah blah. Many monavie distributors believe that because they have great products and a company that is very popular they will eventually succeed. This is unfortunately not the case. Great products and a billion dollar company will NOT be the determining factors in the failure or success of the distributor. The success of the monavie distributor will depend on that reps ability to put the ہ€œopportunity€Â? in front of the right prospects. Many of the leaders in monavie who have done extremely well have either spent years in the industry and have several connections or they are very good at outside sales. Outside sales is just another way of saying face to face sales. The problem with this is that 99% of monavie reps are no good at face to face sales. Monavie along with most network marketing companies do not teach real world 21st century effective marketing strategies. And why would they know anything about marketing? Theyre a nutrition company, right? Monavie Reviews Selling or pitching your monavie business opportunity to your friends and family is completely counter productive, unless of course you have a family of serial entrepreneurs. The fact is that your family and friends and neighbors are not quality prospect for your monavie business opportunity because theyۉ€ž¢ve expressed zero interest in joining an mlm business. When you leverage search online marketing you can put your monavie opportunity in front of people who are actively seeking and buying business opps. This is not difficult when you know how and when you plug in to the right training. The way we do this is target business opportunity seekers based on what they are searching on the search engines and based on their activity within social media. It becomes a much easier conversation because you are actually giving someone something they were looking for rather than convincing them to do something they dont wan to do. For information on building a massive team with monavie visit Monavie Reviews
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