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Modifying Your Diet to Cure Tinnitus

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Have you been hearing constant noises in your ears but there's really no source? If yes, then you may already have tinnitus. This is the condition when a person suffers from frequent ringing, hissing, or buzzing in an ear or both. Sometimes, it may also feel like the noise is coming from inside the head. Although generally not fatal, having this problem can be pretty distressing and debilitating.
One thing you have to understand is that this hearing condition may not go away for good. However, there are a lot of ways that can alleviate its symptoms so you can go on with your life unaffected by it. Many of these ways are natural and don't even need prescription. For one, you can simply change your diet and reduce, if not eliminate, the sound coming from inside your head.
Some researches have shown that the buzzing in the ears may be associated with zinc deficiency. In one study, a group of patients where given zinc for a period of time and over 80% of them got better. Therefore, if you have the same condition, it would be wise to include zinc in your daily diet. There are a lot of foods that are high in zinc. Some of them are pork, crab, beef, poultry products, and breakfast cereals.
Ringing in ears has also been associated with vitamin B12 deficiency. So, just like zinc, it would be best to increase your intake of vitamin B12 to alleviate the symptoms of the ear condition. Some of the best sources of this vitamin are clams and mollusk. However, as not many people are a fan of these foods, you may want to have salmon or trout instead. They are also packed with vitamin B12. So do braised beef and liver.
Finally, you should also take note that saturated fat can worsen the ringing in the ears. When you consume too much of this fat, you may develop atherosclerosis-when the walls of your artery thicken and the blood flow gets interrupted. When there's a decrease in blood flow in your inner ears, the buzzing and the hissing can certainly get worse. Thus, stay away from saturated fat!

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