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Mobile phone marketing is hot

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Marketing's latest battle cry- mobile phone marketing is hot

Mobile is hot... we both know that. But I bet that you didn't know how hot it really is. There are roughly 5.9 billion mobile phones in use throughout the world today. This translates to 72% of the world's population uses cell phones. It's the largest captivated market ever created on planet earth and it's growing exponentially.

Mobile phones are not merely phones, they are personal items. We carry them with us with us 24/7. They are carried in purses, brief cases, book bags, on busses, in cars, on planes and trains and at night they end up on night stands. Conditions to contact real buyers were never better, are you ready for mobile marketing?

Neilson Surveys report that within 2 years nearly 75% of all online marketers will be involved in mobile marketing. Think about it. The timing is just right and could be just the thin for any marketers who want to earn extra money or start a new business in mobile. Have you thought about your future marketing plans?

The computer is responsible for the beginning of the digital revolution but it's the mobile phone that is responsible for bringing the world together in mobile fashion. Actually the mobile phone has evolved to the point of it being a small personal computer thus redefining the marketing arena.

Compared to online marketing with the focus being totally on the computer, mobile marketing is positioned to bring marketing to many devices including the new tablet types. Mobile is reported to take over as king of the hill within two short years. This speaks volumes to anyone wanting to earn a full or part time income.

It's almost like a money machine. SMS or Texting as it is commonly referred to, is fast taking over mobile phone usage and mobile marketing. Already in 2008 texting had become a huge market and continues to grow. Businesses of all sorts are praising the rapid text sales results. The proper use of texting or SMS as it is commonly called can mean the difference between success and failure to the online marketer. Those who are currently usingusing} SMS texting as a means to increase business report that there is a particular method for creating, transferring and maintaining an SMS list, it's just like an autoresponder list but only the results are better and here's the best part, 98% of recipients open text within 15 minutes of receipt. That's a hard act to follow if you're comparing 1% to 4% email opens.

People have caught on to texting in a huge way. Most every age group is doing it and to top it all off commercial texting is at the top of the marketing list for in-the-know marketers. They understand that the list is everything and many are or have taken steps to transfer email lists to text lists.

The results of mobile marketing when transferring or adding mobile to your marketing toolbox will be nothing short of amazing, but the real question is not IF you will transfer to mobile marketing but WHEN?

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