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Mistakes In Hang Tags

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 42   |   Comments: 0

Hang tags may look very simple to create but people can still make mistakes in designing them. Mistakes in hang tag design and printing is a sign of bad brand management which should not really be happening especially in these competitive times. So that is why in most cases, hang tag printing should still be given the attention and passion that it needs so that these mistakes won't happen. Of course, you have to know these mistakes so that you can easily avoid them. For hang tags there are three main mistakes that you should avoid.

1.      Never considering your brand image - Your brand image should be everywhere. It must be in your advertisements, in posters, product containers and any other print media in between. So it should also be in your hang tags. This means that you hang tags must project your brand's image by displaying the right logo in the right manner that it should be. If you don't consider this in your hang tag printing, you won't be as coherent with your brand name as you appear to be and you won't me maximizing its effects.

For example, let us say that your product line is about tough sports clothing. It would make sense to have a hang tag design that matches this brand image. It should look though and it should be printed in a tough kind of paper material. The biggest mistake that you can do here, is to print your hang tags using flimsy material with a simple logo. It will not match your brand image and much more it won't really look good as you attach them to your products. People might even it, if it is truly the brand it is advertising itself to be. So your brand image and hang tags must match so that people can have only one and coherent idea of what your brand really is.

2.      Printing too much information - Another mistake in hang tag printing is to print too much information in your hang tag. Yes you want people to know about the high-tech process in making your products. You might also want them to realize about the expensive materials that were used to make them, as well as the lengths of research and development, with quality testing that it underwent. However, printing all of this in a small hang tag printing is not an ideal solution. It only clutters up the hang tag, giving you little space else for proper brand management. Besides, most people won't read too much into a hang tag, so you only need to print quick and short €œblurbs about your product. Do not print everything, it will never really get read.

3.      Printing in bad quality - Lastly, and most importantly, you must NOT print your hang tags in bad quality materials. This is not good in a lot of levels. One, cheap hang tag printing can also mean cheap product for some people. If the hang tag looks flimsy and not well made, it means that little attention was given into making it, so how would you judge the product right? Only one way, and it's a negative one.

Secondly, bad hang tag materials deteriorate faster. With all the environmental forces that your products may undergo, cheap materials won't last long, even for hang tags. If you want to assure that you hang tags will still be with your products for a long time as they wait for their eventual sale, then you really need to print good hang tags. This should be mandatory.

So, avoid these mistakes and your hang tags should be effective, attractive and it should also last a longer time. Investing in good hang tag printing is a mark of a true professional, and that is something that you and your business should strive to always. So remember these mistakes and avoid them.

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