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Minoxidil is an important ingredient present in Rogaine, which is a brand name for the treatment of balding problem. Rogaine also known as Regaine in many countries is marketed and sold with the name is regaine. Minoxidil is the only product for the treatment of hereditary hair loss problem, which do not require any prescription to purchase. Minoxidil is applied twice a day to the scalp for the best results. Minoxidil is helpful for both men and women, who are facing the problem of hereditary balding.
Working of Minoxidil
Minoxidil works to enlarge very small spherical mass of cells and again converting them into small spherical mass of cells. This process increases the phase of growth for hair cycle, which allows the hair to grow longer and stronger with more cells in the growing phase. Minoxidil should be used twice in a day, which can make possible to see improved hair on the scalp over a particular time period. Potential growth of hairs can require several hair cycle, so we should use Minoxidil at least for 6 months.
Many clinical experiments and research have proven that Minoxidil can help in the re-growth of hair for both male and female, reduce hair loss and increment in the growth of new hair. All these results can be affected by several factors like:
Minoxidil gives great results if it is used for youngsters. As young the patient will be, the results will be as great.
Minoxidil gives late results or response for thinning hairs.
Minoxidil response in a better way if the bald area is less than 10c.m. and it has been from the past 10 years.
Minoxidil generates great results on the crown area of scalp in comparison to front of the scalp.
Is Minoxidil safe?
Clinical experiments and many researches have shown that Minoxidil is really effective to stop hereditary hair loss problem, still there are many causes of hair loss where Minoxidil cannot show its effect for everyone. So before using Minoxidil it is really important to check whether it is safe for you or not. You should consider some points like:
You have a hereditary problem of hair loss
You are losing hair for less than 10 years
You have a balding area less than 10c.m. with some area still growing hairs.
You have hair loss at the front of your scalp or on the crown of your scalp.
You are over 18 years of age and in a healthy condition.
Note: If you have any of the above condition than Minoxidil can really help you to solve your hair loss problem.

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