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By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

MIND CONTROL: THE RICH MAN'S PUBLIC OPINION MAKER -- by J.E. Ante The free nations and peoples of the future risk complete slavery of opinion by the utilization of the mind control techniques of today. Subliminal and sub-audible technology can embed messages into mass media broadcasts to motivate people and change people's minds to any viewpoint desired. Your beliefs might be completely changed 180 degrees by simple electronic devices and techniques without your ever knowing it. This is true slavery of the people if allowed to be applied to the general populations to control them, their opinions, and personal beliefs.

Mind control by passive methods has been utilized by many politicians and public celebrities to maximize their popularity, ideas, and viewpoints with the general public. These passive persuasion techniques are generally thought to be equally used and applied by political opponents and competitors for the public attention. But many mind control techniques are clearly unethical, immoral, and so undetectable that they poise the greatest risk of any technology to democracy and freedom in the world today and in the future.

Active mind control techniques and devices must be banned from use against the public and individuals. Private organizations must be funded to watchdog the public safety from gross and subtle mind control manipulation and harm. Private organizations must monitor and record all broadcasts for subliminal and subsonic embedded messages which unethical people may use to control people's minds, actions, and opinions unknowingly and without their permission. All other electronic mind control devices and frequencies used to control people must be randomly monitored or recorded. Mind control technologies of every kind must be guarded against by both public and private agencies and organizations.

Subliminal and subsonic messages that unfairly harm a candidate will not be embedded in obvious mass media which are routinely analyzed but rather in small side broadcasts which are little viewed so as to lessen detection. Subliminal images of a opposing candidate as a demon, a baby killer, speaking foul language, or whatever else must be banned and vigorously prosecuted as immoral, unethical, and the grosses of crimes against humanity.

Only rich and powerful men, government, and the military can afford these exotic electronic devices and services of the mind control experimenters. But these devices and techniques soon may become common as the technology progresses in the years to come. Now is the time to end these abuses entirely and set up those private and public institutions which combat its growth and misuse in the future. Most all broadcasts must be randomly analyzed for mind control images and subsonic messages and frequencies. And large gatherings of events recorded randomly so that mind control techniques used can be discovered.

Anyone caught using or paying for these services should be convicted and hopefully spend the rest of their imprisonment actively catching others like himself or herself that utilize illegal mind control techniques and devices upon the general public for profit.

Computers must be utilized to analyze great quantities of broadcasts in the future to catch mind control broadcasts. And intelligence agencies might be turned into agencies that safeguard the public trust against mind control in developing nations of the world.

New laws must be written to ban present and future mind control techniques and devices from being deployed and used on an unknowing public as immoral and unethical. A moratorium must be given to the current users of these unethical and immoral technologies to end their practices. And stiff prison sentence given for all those who continue to use them after the moratorium is past.

Many men fear other men and so seek to control them by whatever means they can devise or purchase. In time most all of mankind will find the path to God within and they will no longer have fear in their hearts. But until that time the public trust must be guarded by private and government organizations who have goodwill towards men. This is one of the greatest task of mankind today and in the future. To guard their own free will and thoughts from fearful men of power and confusion. -- J.E. Ante

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