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Michigan Wedding Music Entertainment

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Do you want to dance your way to I do? Great, well we have provided in this article guidelines that will enhance the Michigan wedding music you decide to go with. Keep in mind, that there are two separate events you might need music for. This includes your wedding ceremony and wedding reception afterwards.

Michigan Wedding Music

for your ceremony

The music should be in keeping with the style of wedding you have chosen (formal, semiformal, or informal. This is achieved through the use of traditional, sacred, and contemporary music). You can combine one or more type of music for a pleasing effect.

If you are being married in a church, the church organist can offer many suggestions of appropriate wedding music and acquaint you with any possible restrictions on the type of music that may be used.

You may elect to use only one selection of music for the entire processional or choose to have one of the entrances of the other members of the bridal party and another for yourself. When only one selection is used for the processional, the instrumentalists may increase the volume of the music to indicate your entrance. When a separate selection is being used for your processional, the organist could chime the hour, play a fanfare, or add a flourish of trumpets or chimes to signal your entrance.

Each selection of music may be played a little faster or slower, a little louder or softer. By changing the pace and the level of sound, a selection may be appropriate for use as either a processional (slower) or a recessional (faster).

When using more than one instrumentalist for the processional (i.e.duet, trio, quartet, or quintet), it is recommended that you ask them to attend the rehearsal to practice the timing of the entrance of the entire bridal party. Find out also whether the church requires you to use only their own musicians before you ask someone else to participate. Your choice of instrumentalists and vocalists may be restricted by the ceremony site.

Be sure you have heard the individuals perform before asking them to be part of your wedding day. Be prepared to pay each musician either a fee set by the individual or union scale. Give them a payment envelope at the close of the wedding rehearsal, if they attend, or upon arrival the day of the wedding.

If the performers need any special music, you are responsible for getting it to them as soon as possible. They will need time to work any necessary rehearsals into their schedules. Have the musicians be responsible for setting their own practice times, dates, and locations with each other. You might check later to see if they are prepared.

Michigan Wedding Entertainment

for your reception

Use the same procedure in hiring musicians for the reception as you do for the wedding. You might consider using the same musicians for both. Especially with groups, be sure you are hiring the musicians you are hearing. Feel free to use a combination of musical styles to entertain your guests (classical, broad way tunes, pop, rock, ethnic).

To provide continuous music, you may use a combination of live and taped music. You may also decide to have only recorded music. A Michigan DJ is usually an experienced emcee and is able to entertain your guests with a variety of music styles.

Be sure to set a limit on the level of sound for any amplified instruments. The sound level should not hinder conversation. Payment to the musicians should be made immediately before they leave the reception area. You might also consider inviting your guests to have a special part in your day by sharing their talents during the reception. On a final note, you want to select music from a top wedding song list so your entertainment can give you what you desire.

There are many different ways to go about hiring Michigan wedding entertainment. The main goal is to make sure it fits with your style, whether this is class or fun. Every bride wants the best wedding ever, so take your time with your decision and enjoy these stages in planning your special day.

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