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Message From A Medicine Man

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 34   |   Comments: 0

I had the privilege to spend over a month with one of the old generation American Indian medicine men that truly dedicated his life to healing.

Semu Huaute, a Chumash Grandfather, belongs to the same generation as the famous "Rolling Thunder", who he shared a big part of his life with.

Semu Huaute was born in a cave in California and become an initiated spiritual healer.

Translating the message.

During one of his tours to Europe, I was selected to translate from English to German for all people attending his seminars. I spend every day from early morning to late night in his company and we become close friends.

All days begun with prayers and honoring of Mother Earth. I felt deep respect for how he communicated with the earth, considering it as a living being with feelings and consciousness, rather than a dead mass.

He explained how the earth responds to how we treat it and our intentions. It was easy to know, how concerned he was about the way we deal with the planet at this time.

We are all a part of the whole

Sitting in the car driving to the seminars we had time for conversations and Semu always found a subject to talk about related to what we saw on the way.

Somehow we always came back to the point that everything is a part of the whole. We are all connected, influencing the outcome of the future of our lives and the planet we are living on.

What we think and how we act is not just a one time event and later gone. Every thought has a life by itself and every action has an effect that reach far beyond what we can understand.

Where do our thoughts go?

It was explained to me that what happens on the planet is the result of our collected thoughts. We can change the future of the planet in an instant if we change the thought pattern of all people.

At present, the collected thoughts of the planet are dominated with negative unloving thoughts filled with fear.

The planet Earth has to deal with it and will respond accordingly. As the Earth is a living and loving entity, it will accept abuse to a certain extent. When the limit is passed it has to protect itself to be able to exist.

Who sets the rules.

Semu told me that we are very ignorant to believe that we are the ruler of the planet. We are living like small ants on the crust of the Earth and it takes no effort from the side of the Earth to instantly get rid of all of us.

If we pass the point of the well-being of the planet, reactions are due to happen.

Looking at all the natural disasters that constantly are happening all around the world at this time, we have probably already past the point of tolerance. The Earth has to heal itself.

Planning for 7 generations.

I got to know that any decision of importance must be considered very carefully. You have to think about how it will affect the people 7 generations from now. If it can not benefit the 7 generations to come, don't do it.

Unfortunately, today we probably would not even consider what will happen in 7 years.

Many things became clear to me during my month with Semu;

* The importance of spending time in the nature and communicate with it.

* Respecting the Earth as a living being and be thankful for every day.

* Considering the 7 generation effect of your decisions.

Although this happened 15 years ago, I do believe that his teaching is even more relevant and important today. I am honored to have had the opportunity to get to know and learn from this great teacher.

Semu crossed over in November 2004.

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