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Mental Disorder and Its Natural Herbal Cure

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 39   |   Comments: 0

A very common problem now a day is mental disorder. It is a very general term that covers all the problems that are related to our mind. These problems arise when our mind is hit harshly by external and internal problem. These problems are the facts that are consciously or subconsciously not acceptable to our mind. This unwanted feeling of acceptance of the result of the given problem leads to the creation of psychic disease, which is termed as mental disorder. Our body's mechanism is such that it tries to come in harmony by it self but if the person is not able to come out of the problem that is prevailing, it leads to mental sickness. This results in imbalance in mind; behavior, attitude, reactions, tolerance, manners, actions and outlook or simply we can say the person becomes abnormal in his day-to-day activities. These conditions can involve any person, of any age, either of the two sexes, of any place and of any socioeconomic background. Ayurveda has mentioned lot about mental disorders under the heading "UNNMAD".

Now two types of queries might be sticking your mind.

1. How to cure mental sickness?
2. How to maintain stable state of mind that keeps us away from having these problems?

Answer to your query is only one i.e. AYURVEDA and YOGA

Basic principal on which ayurveda was designed was how to maintain a health of a healthy person and how to cure a diseased person. First of all I will mention about some urges which person should adapt of a peaceful living as mentioned in ayurveda. These are called "dharniye Vega" or the urges that should be adapted in life. These are: -

1. Should not be greedy
2. Should not be afraid of any one
3. Should not be short tempered
4. Should not be jealous on anyone's success.
5. Should not speak bad words to any one.
6. Should always be helpful to others.

There are certain herbs that are mentioned in ayurveda, which has wonderful effects in treating mental disorders, and improve brains efficiency.

Some of those are mentioned below

1. Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) Commonly known as Indian Pennywort is generally found everywhere in India especially above 4000 ft. of height. This herb is most extensively used in Indian system of medicine as brain tonic and stress reliever. Due to its laghu (light) gunna (property), it is able to affect mind very easily thus giving mind a nourishment to develop. It is considered to be the nerve stimulant that helps in perceiving in better reflexes from brain. It is considered to be a nerve-rejuvenating herb, which has been used by ayurvedic practitioners un reluctantly since ages in any condition in which brain is found affected or in psyche related disorders. Good results have also been found in epilepsy attacks. Its action as non-sedative tranquilizer has made it a drug that can be used in anxiety and hypertension. Whole plant part is used in preparing medicines.

2. Ashwagandha (withania somnifera) commonly called winter cherry is one of the herbs that produce wonderful results in problems caused by vata disorders. Its main function is to maintain the harmony of vata whether it aggravates or become suppressed by effects of other dosha. Because of its ushan virya (hot potency) it acts directly on unstable vata thereby helping vata to remain in stable state. Thereby having good effect on nervous system, circulatory system as well as joint related problems. Ashwagandha plays major role in suppressing anxiety and hypertension. It has proved very affective in relieving stress and stress related problems. It has given wonderful results in joint pains and arthritic conditions. It has also proven it worth in improving body immunity and bodies overall strength to fight against the disease. It has also been found effective in treating weakness and mental fatigue of the body. Good results in depression and other mental ailments have also been seen. Plant part used is root.

3. Memocare: A rich mixture of herbs likes Brahmi, ashwagandha, mulethi, red chandan and vacha. It blends of most powerful herbs that have time proven results in promoting mental health and fighting against mental ailments. As mentioned earlier ashwagandha and Brahmi has a great efficacy in treating mental disorder along with it memocare contains mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra), which is sheet (cold) virya in property helps in improving mental strength and increase mental alertness. It has been rated one of the best medya rasayan as mentioned by charaka in his book charak samhita. Due to its property it has also been found very effective in treating anxiety and hypertension. It has been found effective in curbing depression and mind related problems. It has also been found effective in treating headaches and rheumatoid arthritis. It also possesses properties that lead to development of good quality of sperms. It has been found useful in providing strength to our nervous system and thereby helpful in countering nervous disorder. Being sheet virya in property it finds use in skin related problems

Plant part used is root. Along with mulethi it also contains Vacha (Acorus calmus) commonly known, as sweet flag is an herb very much in use in India presently by ayurvedic doctors. Its main property is of ushan virya that make is kapha vata suppressor and pitta increaser. Its actions also possess the property of pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. It is generally found in damp climatic condition with the height of 6000 feet. Because of its property it is also known for anti depressant and stress reliever. Moreover it is also consider good as brain tonic. It improves general body condition and helps in marinating normal mental structure. Plant part used is root and lower part of stem.

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