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Meat Goats- Different Types Available

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

Meat goats are distinctively different from their dairy counterparts. Although there are some breeds that can be used for milk and meat production, in general however they are separated because of their unique characteristics. A large variety of goats fall under the meat goats' category ranging from Boer goats and the Tennessee Fainting Goats to the Kiko goats and the Spanish Goats.

In order to gauge the best quality meat goats it is important to be aware of the meat breed characteristics standards. Based on these standards you will find that only 3 of these are true breeds for meat production. The Boer most definitely tops the list along with the Kikos and the Tenessee Fainting Goats. The Spanish goats on the other hand are actually indigenous to Southern US. A number of breeders have worked hard to transform this local breed into a healthy meat goat but up till now there are no breed standards or registry with which to gauge the quality of this breed.

The Best Meat Goats

Boer goats are considered to be the largest sized meat goats anywhere in the world. It has a massive frame and is double muscled. It was initially developed in South Africa specifically for the purpose of meat and hardiness. However today it is bred in large numbers in New Zealand, Australia and various other countries. Boer goats are also considered to be easy to raise since they maintain themselves to a large extent. However because of their remarkable qualities Boer goats tend to be priced higher than any other breed of meat goats.

The Kiko goat breed is another popular meat production goat developed in New Zealand. The development of this particular breed actually came about as a result of an initiative taken by the local government to control the goat population of New Zealand. The end result is a breed that has remarkable hardiness and meat carcass characteristics. It is priced lower than the Boer but higher than other varieties of meat goats.

Fainting goats is the third most popular category of meat goats. These are moderate sized animals that have an average height between 17 to 25 inches and an average weight of 150 to 165 pounds. These goats are characterized by their long ears and bulgy eyes. The improved characteristics of this particular breed are the result of much hard work and perseverance on the part of breeders. Today, the fainting goats are not only renowned for their own meat characteristics rather they can also be crossed with the Boer to develop excellent and cost effective meat goats. Fainting goats are the most economically priced of the three breeds mentioned above.

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