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Massaging Tips From Sharma | Vizag

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0

One of Vizag's most experienced masseur, Madan Mohan Sharma, popularly known as Sharma spends some time with us explaining what massaging is all about and how does it help. A certified masseur from The Yoga Village of Bhagalpur, Sharma started his services in 1975 and later worked at Palm Beach hotel, The Yoga Village and even had a parlor of his own. Here are some tidbits from the information he shared with us.

What is a massage?
Massage involves the use of hands to apply pressure at various points of the body in order to cure ailments or to aid relaxation. It involves the use of oil, gel, creams, mud, heat and more.

Benefits of massage
Regular massage can alleviate or relieve stress, thus preventing health problems, relieving fatigue and improving blood circulation. This in turn can help eliminate toxins and promote healthy bodily functions. A good massage also relaxes muscles and reduces cramps, increases flexibility, shortens labor in expectant mothers, improves posture and relieves soreness.

Can regular full body massage treat any health disorders?
Depression, infertility, eating disorders, post-operative recovery, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, cancer related fatigue, low back pain, spinal cord injuries, migraine pain and paralysis are some of the disorders that can be treated with regular massage. "I have cured patients suffering from paralysis for several years," shares Sharma.

Why are oils required for massage?
During a massage if the skin is rubbed dry it causes friction which produces heat and pain and  thus worsens the element of €˜Vata' (wind), disturbing the internal gases. Application of oils avoids this friction and diffuses the heat evenly throughout the body. Depending on the season, the ailment or the purpose of the massage, different oils should be used. Like for any disorder related to €˜Vata', sesame oil should be used, for €˜Pitta' (fire and water) disorders coconut oil should be used and for those related to €˜Kapha' (water and earth) mustard or olive oil should be used. Sesame oil can be used to remove swellings of muscles, to strengthen the skin texture and prevent premature aging. There are also some Ayurvedic oils in India with therapeutic results like Babuna (Chamomile) oil for relief of muscular pains or coriander oil to remove excess body heat. Himgiri, Brhingaraj and Brahmi oils can help to induce sleep and Mahanarayana can help treat muscle pain and arthritic conditions.

What's the right way to massage?
Before a massage, relax, take deep breaths and rub your palms together till you feel warm with energy. Considering the body as an inverted tree, brain as the root, spine as the trunk, and limbs as the branches start with the upper leg, massaging first the outside and then the inside. Gradually start moving towards the lower part of the body and end with a foot massage. Then come the hips, sides and the lower back. Then move upwards, covering the upper back and then the shoulder. Next are the chest and then the arms. The head should be massaged last. The trick is to knead and roll with consistent rhythmic movements rather than pinch or lightly stroke. Don't rub for long on the same spot. For light massage use fingers, for heavy ones use palm with more pressure. Oil should be applied at the joints in a circular manner, in a clockwise direction, while on the other body parts, it should be against the direction of the hair growth to direct the lymph towards the heart. If you follow the natural curve and flows of the body, you can guarantee an effective massage.

What is the best time for a massage?
The effects of massage vary with the time of the day. While in the day it relaxes and energizes the body, in the evening it is more sedative.

Handy Tips
    Applying a little massage oil to the navel before going to sleep, helps cure dryness of the whole body.
    Applying oil at the junction of spine and skull calms the entire nervous system, strengthens the memory and improves the eyesight.
    If daily massage of the whole body is not possible, massage your feet every night before sleeping and the head every third day.
    Don't bathe immediately after a massage. Wait for at least 30 minutes.

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