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Marketing With Tips Booklets

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Have you ever thought about using "tips" books to market your business? "What are €˜tips' booklets," you ask?

Tips booklets are small information dense publications that you can give to your customers and potential customers. These booklets are great for keeping your business in the fore front of your customer's minds.

These are tangible links from your customers directly to your company. Working much the same as calendars with your company information, these booklets are filled with valuable information.

Do you own a real estate business? If so, a great information product might be "25 Tips on Buying Your New Home". A mortgage business? How about this booklet: "7 Steps to Guarantee You'll Qualify for Your Next Mortgage."

These booklets work well for all types of businesses. Virtually any service business can use them and many product based businesses can benefit.

Here's how it works. We'll create a short booklet packed with beneficial tips and information. Additionally, we'll weave your company's message into the text.

For example, you own a business that caters to people who buy property to fix and resell. Maybe you sell paint and other materials.

You have a booklet called "25 Tips to Maximize Your Resell Value". In this book you have a tip section on painting the interior of the investment property. This is an important step because no other activity will enhance the resell value of a property more than painting.

Explain how to handle this important step in the tips booklet. Then you go on to give information about blending different colors of paint to achieve different effects. Naturally, you do this in a manner that minimizes the "sales" pitch and maximizes the "helping neighbor" feeling.

This is relationship marketing at its best. These customers's will buy from you repeatedly. Why, because they trust you.

Another company can use tips books to build credibility while educating their customers. Maybe your customer's don't know how particular type of grass will enhance their lawn. By educating them on the various characteristics of different strains of grasses and helping them make the right choice for their yard, you become the expert.

People like to buy from experts; they like to be guided through their purchases. Tips books can help you provide this service.

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