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Mandatory H1N1 swine flu vaccination and your business internet money online opportunity

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

The publicity for the H1N1 swine flu vaccination is hitting all areas with force.  The newsmedia, the press, the medical profession and even your job might be impacted.  My business has requested that all employees report whether they get the H1N1 vaccination.  Is this pressure to get the shot or vaccine?  Be sure and read all the facts and make a responsible decision on your own.

I have written several articles about the pros and cons to the H1N1 vaccine.  It is not my decision whether you take the shot or get vaccinated, it is yours.  My concern is that you read all about the vaccine and decide if it is right for you.  

Here are three concerns you must keep in mind!

1. Has the vaccine been sufficiently tested and evaluate?  We could debate this one for hours but you need to seriously determine this on your own.  We are likely not in the field for testing vaccines so contact the CDC and NIH but also do some independent research as well.  Each manufacturer has different ways for testing the vaccine and we as consumers are at the mercy of the €œsystem to hope it is tested sufficiently and accurately.  A fear I have is how do we know if it has been tested?  As I read in one article, a major manufacturer of the H1N1 vaccine admitted to the Associated Press that their vaccine will be available to the public before trial testing had been completed.

2. What legal recourses do you have if you take the vaccine and get sick and even have severe complications?  At present, the legal recourses for you as an individual are limited.  If problems prevail on a large scale, there will likely be an ambulance chasing lawyer who will put together a class action suit.  But for the time being the law has been established in favor of the pharmaceutical companies not the consumer.  The 2001 the law granted those who develop and recommend vaccines during a €œhealth emergency immunity.  This is in essence a free pass for the pharmaceutical companies during if the H1N1 is declared a €œhealth emergency.

3. How has the vaccine been test on young children below the age of 4?  I've been researching this subject with great detail and cannot find any credible information.  I fear that not until a tragedy results where a young child is vaccinated and dies will we be presented with facts.  Deciding whether you let your young child get the vaccine may be a life or death situation.  So choose wisely.

Please don't get caught up in all the hype by the media and news shows regarding the exceptional cases that make the news.  These are the rare cases and notice that there is never a follow-up to confirm or evaluate how the disease was contracted or if in fact how we know the victim had the H1N1.  We are all at the mercy of what is presented in the news sound bytes or presentations.  Remember that news thrives on sensationalism, not always sound, honest and factual reporting.  As an article marketer for you business internet money online opportunity, report the facts and let your audience and customers decide.

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