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Management responsibilities for internal control

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Introduction: Internal controls are a essential element of all successful organizations. Internal controls build up a structure of rules and events considered to afford practical declaration that a company's objectives will be met. It is a structure of verifies and equilibriums that can help promise reliable, truthful financial reporting and the evasion of scam. Management's responsibilities for internal controls comprise building sure employees are trained the company's recognized internal controls and that they apply and stick to the standards.

Definition of Internal Control

Internal control comprises the plan of organization and all of the coordinate methods adopted within a business to safeguard its assets, check the accuracy and reliability of its accounting data, promote operational efficiency, and encourage adherence to prescribed managerial policies. Internal controls are effectively a set of tests and balances that are critical to any business, especially as it becomes larger. Adequate internal controls can reduce the risk of scam or theft by employees or vendors, defend against lawsuits, and help make certain decision making that is in the best interest of the organization.

Who is responsible for internal controls?

The management's responsibility to ensure that controls are in lay. That responsibility is entrusted to each area of operation. Accordingly, all employees have a number of responsibilities for making this internal control structure role. As a result, all employees need to be alert of the perception and idea of internal controls.


A company's management panel is responsible for the development of internal control plan, policy and measures. Internal control structures are completed up of five (05) interconnected mechanisms:

01. Control environment.

02. Risk assessment

03. Control activities.

04. Information and communication, and

05. Monitoring and reporting

01. Control environment: Conurbation management shall be responsible for beginning the Conurbations control environment and shall set the tone concerning internal controls with deference to:

Honesty and moral principles,

Promise to member of staff capability,

Viewpoint and working method,

Managerial formation,

Project of power and accountability, and

Individual source rules and perform.

02. Risk Assessment: Conurbation management shall be accountable for judgment of risk in all conurbation operations.  Risk shall be recognized and managed based on the likelihood of incidence and the quantity of crash.  Reaction to such risk shall comprise expansion and accomplishment of suitable internal controls and shall judge the virtual cost of realizing such controls against the reimbursement to be attained.  Such risks include:

Quick increase in procedures,

Modifies in workforce,

Managerial reformation, such as consolidation or decentralizing,

New tricks or examination areas,

New or improves in sequence methods,

03. Control Activities: Conurbation management shall be dependable for creating the makeup and equipped policies and measures that make sure that conurbation goals and objectives are met.  Such control tricks comprise but are not incomplete to the following:

Presentation reviews, as well as budget to real contrasts.

making and protection of written credentials of policies, procedures, and events;

corporal controls to defend proceedings, such as passwords, contact policy, computer support and a computer ruin revival plan;

separation of duties so that no individual has completed control over a process and so the capacity to both create and conceal errors or wrongdoing;

Information processing controls to ensure that transactions are valid, properly authorized, complete, and accurate;

intermittent explanation reconciliations,

04. Information and Communication: Conurbation management shall be conscientious for discovery, imprison, announcement, and, where suitable, pamphlet, of relevant information in a form and timeframe that make sure that conurbation goals and objectives may be met.  Such information shall flow descending, crossways, and uphill during the organization, and shall furthermore flow among external parties and conurbation business partners as suitable.  Cases of such contact are:

Management allowed job metaphors for all workers,

printed records of policies and actions,

intermittent accounting and budget comparison information and news, and

Economic information ready for external sharing such as the inclusive yearly economical details.

05. Monitoring and reporting: Conurbation management shall be conscientious for checking internal control as well as on going evaluation of the efficiency of gearshift, policies, events, and accounting method intend and function and shall additional be accountable for any remedial accomplishment required to address control failing so recognized.

Checking may be achieved by conurbation workers, including the conurbation Auditor, Audit Services separation, and Accounting Division, or monitoring tricks may be constricted out to outside parties.

Whichever faults or wrongdoing that specifies internal controls failing shall be reported to the conurbation Controller within one business day after they are exposed.

Conclusion: internal control structures to function successfully and professionally, employees must pursue the sketched actions correctly. Management does its fraction by guarantee positive control tricks are in leave and working properly. Isolation of duties is a imperative part of a good quality internal control system. Management estimates this part of internal controls frequently. Isolation of duties is the dispersal of organizational duties all over the company.

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