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Manage account: councils

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

To ensure sound management account must comply with certain devices and learn some important rules to never forget. Any recommendations for the management of the current account safe and effective.

Tips for all depositors
Whether you are a current standing, but especially for those who has just or is about to become one, the account management requires the respect of "unwritten rules" that help us keep track of savings and to properly exploit the features available. Also, correctly handle the account of hitting us avoid mistakes that could lead to long and annoying "trouble" with the Bank bureaucracy. To you all the tips for the Management Account.

Balance and statement
Whether it's an online account or classical style, the account balance and the extract are tools available that should be used to manage the account. Learn to read them every month to check, as well as to the correctness of all the movements that you performed (debits and credits, subsidies, reduced), even if the fixed costs charged by the Bank. In addition, they also learn to study and know your "spending habits" personal or family responsibilities.

Payment households
You know that you can make the direct debit household bills? Basically you can order the Bank to automatically pay your household bills: the payment will be debited from the account. Check with your branch.

Online Services
if yours is an online account you have an advantage: you can do everything from home and without costs. However, if you have a traditional account, be informed that the Bank does not offer you the option of using a private account on the website. Take credit, obtain balances and statements quickly and easily from home or office! Very good, for optimal management of the current account. Warning! Once we receive your login information, conserviamoli carefully.

ATM card
Even if you do not need credit cards, apply anyway and used the ATM card. It 's very convenient for withdrawals (to avoid queuing at the counter), but also secure and convenient payments. Unlike credit cards, do not run the risk of paying even if you have more funds in the account.

Attention to the "account in Red"
An important rule for the proper management of the account. Indeed, we know that if the overdraft occurs, this is the technical name of the account of the situation in red; you will pay high interest rates. It 's the cost that banks charge us for our expenses to cover any "extra".

Kept the IBAN
The current law has determined that for each bank account must be a single code necessary to perform all main operations. We speak of the IBAN, which we have already described in a careful guide, with which we can make transfers and more. Very useful for a conscientious account management.

Costs Account
Although the expenditure items of an account are specified in the contract that we sign at the time of ignition, you should update us about it from time to time at the branch and through the documentation that the Bank periodically sends us home. Not always, in fact, we are suddenly informed about any changes.

Depositing checks: the Delegation
It 'good to know the institution of the "delegation" which allows you to place or change a check made out to you but also to a different person close to you (a relative, an employee). This is a useful tool in managing a practice outside of the current account because you go in from the branch: it is advisable for companies and businesses, but even if you have commitments that are incompatible with regular visits to your bank.

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