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Making your Color Posters Better:

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 5   |   Comments: 0

Do you just need to make your color posters look better? There are a few very simple ways to do this and make your color poster printing worth the money. In this article we will share with you four of these color poster improvement strategies. These tips can be your key in making a color poster that looks beautiful with the right kinds of colors and hues.

Improve the appearance of your images/photographs: For some designers, the image or photograph in a poster only needs that minor look over. Other wise since most of these images are professionally photographed they hardly enhance the digital image itself before placing it in the poster design. This however is a lost opportunity. It is possible to remove imperfections like specs, blurs early on in the process to make things look cleaner. Also you can even improve the faces and forms of your poster models if needed to make them look better as well. By improving your image elements like this you can subtly but effectively make it look better and impressive.

Adjusting color values: Also, sometimes the colors of your images, as well as the overall combinations of the color in your posters can come out not quite just right. In this situation, it is a good idea to improve your poster design by adjusting color values. For some image editing applications this can easily be done by the automatic color correction features and filters. For other applications however you might need to manually correct the values by adjusting the RGB or CMYK levels.

Compensating for actual printing: And of course, speaking of the RGB and CMYK color modes, it is very important to compensate for color changes when the conversion between these color modes take place. As you prepare your color poster for printing and shift the color mode of the file from RGB  to CMYK sometimes a distinct color change happens because some colors in RGB do not transfer that well to CMYK. So always check the colors of your poster design before sending them to the printers. This should significantly minimize the color errors of your design and make your posters look better and more real.

Printing sample prints: Finally, do not forget to print some sample prints. Some designers fail to see how their color posters apply to the actual paper for the poster. In some circumstances the resulting prints may not be ideal since the paper and the ink combines to show a totally different color from the one that can be seen on screen. So it is important to correct these before going full production in your posters. This should be the last key to making your color posters look better than others out there.

That finishes our tips for improving your color posters. By improving and compensating for various color changes in the poster making process  you should be able to make your design vision truly appear in the poster prints with all the improvements that you want for it. So try to make these tips into a checklist and see the change they can do to your posters. Good Luck!

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