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Making Money Online - 6 Simple Steps for The Affiliate Beginner

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Making Money Online - 6 Simple Steps for The Affiliate Beginner

Affiliate marketing is all about getting paid for promoting (and sometime selling) products for someone else, or your own products.

The affiliate marketing is based on these two parts:

1. Earning money based on commissions for selling products.

2. Earning money based on generating leads for the product owner.

Either way, the all point of making money online with Affiliate Marketing, is that you don't have to own a product on your own, and you are not handling all the hard topics of customer relationship, shipment and handling and tax invoices... You simply direct Potential Clients to the sale page of the product owner.

Remember, making a sale online doesn't mean that you have a business online...

For more information on "How to Kick Start Your Online Business", you can go to my Free Internet Marketing Library, and download a 7 digital eBooks for FREE!

Here are the 6 steps for the affiliate beginner:

#1 - Find Your Niche Market

Your niche market is the key for success. While most affiliates start to promote products either way they can, this is clearly not the best way to generate an online business.

You need to think on a certain niche (a niche is a group of people with a shared interest/problem/hobby) and to reach out for it.

Good Niche is mostly one that is "Ever Green", meaning - no matter what happened in the world, the people on that niche, will always be looking for products.

Example: Losing weight is an all-time niche. There always will be a demand for products for that niche (unfortunately, this is a highly competitive niche, and I wouldn't recommend starting with it... Unless you have a winning product / or massive traffic to your sales page)

#2 - Find Profitable Products to Promote

After you choose your niche, your second target is to locate some cool and profitable products to the people in that niche.

Well, today there are tons of Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Directories. Probably the biggest of them all is ClickBank.com, when you search for products there, don't settle for commission which is less than 20$ per sale. (Press "sort by price" on the menu bar inside the search results)

A simple trick in Google search will give you several more others products to choose from.

Example: Search in your favorite search engine the term: "affiliate program + your niche"

#3 - Generate Traffic

So, you picked a niche (let's say for example "smart phones"), you even got 5-10 different products to promote on that niche (the more products you will have, the more Income Channels for making money). Now the big question - how do I get traffic to the sale page?

In my previous article on "Top 10 Tactics For Promoting Your Site Online For Free", I've spooked about what do online for getting free traffic. Off course you can use each tactic for any sale page you have - you only need to adjust it accordingly.

#4 - Convert Traffic

This part is actually the "Money Maker" sort of speaks... Your potential client has arrived to your site / blog / sale page, and now he needs to buy. Sound simple?

If you will give your potential client a real added value, for him to make the sale (an added value it's not the value of the product, it's the extra...) then most likely he will. Your job, is to make sure, that the page is looking good, the text is appealing and a simple instruction on how to make the sale ("Press the Order Button and Get Your Product in less than a minute").

#5 - Monetize Your Strategy

After all that, your goal will be to monetize your clients, or in simple terms - how to make an up sale or cross sale (if you don't know those terms, then simple "Google it")

A very strong way to do so is by offering an OTO (One Time Offer) to any client who made the sale.

Example: After pressing the Order Button, the client get another sale page, where he been offered to purchase additional product with very low cost or big discount. After all, the client is already there, and decided to buy from you, so why not suggest him another product?

#6 - Repeat & Repeat Again...

You did it all! You choose a niche (ex; smart phones). You picked some products to promote online (ex; eBook for Blackberry owners). You divert traffic to the sale page (wrote several articles on how to use Blackberry, and maybe published a blog on that topic). You offered a unique offer for those who press the Order Button (ex; Get 50% discount on the second product...)

Now all you have to do is do it again, all over from the top to new other products.  Each one of them will become a Money Channel for you, and will generate you a steady income online. Goodluck!

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