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Make Money Without Website?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

Can we make money online without a website? The answer is YES, definitely. So, how do we make money online without a website? With affiliate programs of-course.

But how do we choose the right affiliate program to join being given thousands of options out there? So, here are what you ought to consider before joining any affiliate program.

1. Does the product of interest to you? Start by finding what product you would like to push. Sell products that you believe in. Don't expect people to buy if you are not sold on the product you're selling. So, find a product that you like and people will like it too.

2. What promotional material / tools does your affiliate program offer? Sample text ads / solo ads / banner ads? How about email campaign? Do they provide you series of follow-up emails?

3. What kind of support do they give you? Is their FAQ complete and helpful? Do they have a member area to provide support when you need help? Do they provide any online tools for you to check and monitor your sales statistics?

4. What is the compensation plan like? How many tiers of commission are they offering ? What's the percentage of the commission? Do they give any referral bonus? How long do they keep the cookie info?

5. What is the conversion rate?

6. How long has the company been in business?

Now that you found the right company, you need to promote the products. This is where your promotional tools that your company offered you come in handy.

The easiest way to promote your company is through solo ads. Solo ads vary in price, they range from $15 up to $1,000 depending on the size of their list. I would start small, with a least expensive ad. And after you make some money you can invest some (or all) your profits in more expensive solo ads. Don't underestimate the profit-pulling power of solo ads. If you have a good sale copy you can make some serious money using solo ads.

You can also make money with joint venture?. Joint Ventures can be pretty profitable. First of all you will need to establish a friendship with some webmasters. A lot of these webmasters will have a huge list of subscribers and if you befriend them you can ask permission to send an ad to his list of subscribers, that is of-course if you are willing to share some of the profits with the webmaster. And can be anywhere from 50/50, 30/70, or whatever you guys agree on.

If you have a big enough pocket you can advertise with banner ads. Webmasters will charge you, the price depends on the amount of traffic that website gets on a daily or monthly basis. However, if you did have a website some webmasters are willing to exchange or swap a banner or a text ad. So make some friends with webmasters.

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